Olivia Munn and John Mulaney Get Married in Private Ceremony by Law and Order Star

Olivia Munn and John Mulaney Get Married in Private Ceremony by Law and Order Star

After nearly three years together, Olivia Munn and John Mulaney have reportedly tied the knot. The news broke on Wednesday through a report from TMZ, revealing that the couple was married in a small, private ceremony over the weekend of July 6th. The ceremony was officiated by none other than Law & Order actor Sam Waterston, who starred alongside Munn in the HBO series The Newsroom. Waterston’s wife served as the only witness, and the couple’s young son, Malcolm, was also present. The wedding took place in a home in New York State.

This marks the first marriage for Olivia Munn and the second for John Mulaney, who was previously married to artist Anna Marie Tendler from 2014 to 2022. Mulaney and Munn have been romantically linked since 2021, with Mulaney confirming their relationship and Munn’s pregnancy during a television interview that fall. “I went to rehab in September, I got out in October, I moved out of my home from my ex-wife,” Mulaney explained at the time. “Then in the spring, I went to Los Angeles and met and started to date a wonderful woman named Olivia. I got into this relationship that’s been really beautiful with someone incredible…and we’re having a baby together.”

Their son, Malcolm, was born in November 2021. Mulaney shared the first photo of his son on Christmas Eve 2021, captioning it, “Meet Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney. He has his whole life ahead of him. He hasn’t even tried seltzer yet. I’m very in love with him and his whole deal. Happy Holidays.”

While Munn and Mulaney have been enjoying parenthood, Munn has also been privately battling breast cancer. In March, she revealed her diagnosis via Instagram. “I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I hope by sharing this it will help others find comfort, inspiration, and support on their own journey,” Munn wrote in the caption of her post. She shared more about her diagnosis in slides on Instagram, detailing her proactive approach to health, which included a genetic test that checks for 90 different cancer genes. Despite testing negative for all, including the well-known BRCA gene, she was diagnosed with breast cancer two months later.

“In the past ten months, I’ve had four surgeries. So many days spent in bed I can’t even count and learned more about cancer, cancer treatment, and hormones than I could ever have imagined. Surprisingly, I only cried twice. I guess I felt like there was no time to cry. My focus narrowed, and I tabled any emotions that I felt would interfere with my ability to stay clearheaded,” Munn shared. Among the surgeries was a double mastectomy, a 10-hour procedure, after it was discovered that she had Luminal B, an aggressive form of cancer, in both breasts.

Munn expressed gratitude to her friends and family for their support, specifically thanking Mulaney for his dedication. “Thank you for fighting so hard to be here for us,” Mulaney commented on her Instagram post sharing her diagnosis. “Malc and I adore you.” Munn also shared that she and Mulaney have discussed having more children, a topic that became more pressing due to her cancer diagnosis. “John and I had a long talk about it,” she told Good Morning America in May. “We realized that we weren’t done growing our family.”

Following her double mastectomy, Munn went through a round of egg retrieval, a process that was risky because her cancer could feed off the hormones needed for the retrieval. “So I knew there was a risk,” she continued. “And our doctor said, ‘Look, we’re gonna get one for you, and then we’re gonna call it.'” The journey had a positive outcome. “Our doctor called, and he said, ‘Hey, we got the results back. It’s two healthy embryos,'” she recalled. “We just started bawling crying, both of us.”

Munn added, “We really just hope that it works out for us to be able to have another baby. We just want one more. I’m not gonna ask for too much more in this life, I promise. I just want one more baby.”

The couple has shared numerous adorable family moments on social media, celebrating milestones and enjoying time together. From celebrating Malcolm’s second birthday to taking family trips and sharing sweet moments on Father’s Day, Munn and Mulaney have given fans a glimpse into their life as a family of three.

Their journey together has been marked by both joy and challenges, but through it all, they have remained supportive of each other. As they look forward to the future, Munn and Mulaney continue to cherish their time with Malcolm and hope to expand their family.

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