Paramount Animation Unveils Five New Original Films In Development

Paramount Animation Unveils Five New Original Films In Development

Paramount Animation Unveils Five New Original Films In Development

Paramount Animation has announced the development of five new original films, marking an exciting expansion of their creative slate. This revelation comes from Ramsey Naito, the president of Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon Animation, during the 2024 Annecy Animation Festival.

Among the new projects is “Dropz,” a film produced by Bad Bunny and Will Ferrell. Naito describes it as “our E.T. about real kids in a super extraordinary situation.” The film, directed by Rob Letterman and co-written with Ike Holter, promises to be a cultural statement infused with fashion, targeting kids and families.

Another intriguing project is “Muttnik,” a sci-fi comedy about a sweet puppy turned space bandit who must return to the family that abandoned him. The film is produced by Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and Zareh Nalbandian, with a script by Mike LeSieur, Chris Yost, and Michael McCullers. A director for this project has yet to be named.

“Once Upon a Motorcycle Dude” is also in the works, described by Naito as a “fairytale disrupter.” This film features a kick-ass princess teaming up with a post-apocalyptic motorcycle dude to save their kingdom. Karen Rosenfelt is set to produce this unique tale.

Paramount Animation is also developing a modern retelling of “Swan Lake,” written by Kourtney Kang and produced by Temple Hill. This adaptation aims to bring a fresh perspective to the classic fairy tale.

Lastly, “Yokai Samba” is in development, which Naito calls “our The Last Starfighter and a destination movie to Brazil.” Directed by Leo Matsuda, a Disney Animation alum, and written by Mitch Watson, this film promises to be an exciting addition to the studio’s lineup. Stacey Lubliner will produce.

These new projects join previously announced films like “Real Pigeons Fight Crime” and “Superworld,” based on popular book series. Naito emphasizes the studio’s commitment to creating a diverse and relatable slate of movies for kids and families.

In addition to these new films, Paramount Animation previewed a work-in-progress of “Transformers One” at the festival, receiving a standing ovation. Directed by Josh Cooley, the film explores the origin story of Optimus Prime and Megatron on Cybertron. It is set for a September 20 release in the U.S.

The Smurfs franchise is also making a return with “The Smurfs Movie,” set to open on February 14. This film aims to answer the question, “What is a Smurf?” while paying homage to Peyo’s Belgian comics in a 3D format.

Naito’s strategy focuses on creating movies that resonate with kids and families worldwide, emphasizing broad and diverse storytelling. With this exciting lineup, Paramount Animation is poised to make a significant impact in the animation industry.

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