Pink Resumes Tour After Health Scare Tells Fans ‘We Are Going to Shake Our Booties’

Pink Resumes Tour After Health Scare Tells Fans ‘We Are Going to Shake Our Booties’

Pink is back on her Summer Carnival Tour after a brief health scare, and she’s ready to bring the energy. The pop-rock superstar had to cancel a show in Bern, Switzerland, due to an unspecified health issue, but she’s now returning to the stage in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“I’m back COPENHAGEN and we are going to shake our JUICY BOOTIES together tonight!!!!!!!” Pink announced on Instagram, signaling her excitement to be back in action. Earlier in the week, the “Trustfall” singer took to social media to apologize to her fans for the sudden cancellation.

“I am so sorry that I have had to cancel my show in Bern this Wednesday,” she wrote. “I do everything I can to ensure I can perform for you every night, but after consultation with my doctor and exploring all options available, I’ve been advised that I’m unable to continue with the show tomorrow.”

She expressed her disappointment, adding, “I was looking forward to being with you and making memories with you and sharing our show with you and am so disappointed that we have to cancel. Sending love and health to you all, and I really hope to see you again soon.”

All purchased tickets for the Bern show were refunded, and Pink’s tour will continue to Amsterdam, Brussels, and Stockholm, as well as several German cities, through the end of the month.

The Summer Carnival Tour, in support of her ninth studio album “Trustfall,” features Pink performing her greatest hits from her two-decade-long career. The tour is known for its impressive visuals, including aerial acrobatics and over-the-top costumes, making it a must-see event for fans.

The tour initially launched in Europe last June and circled North America from July through early October last year. This February, Pink embarked on a new leg of the tour in Australia and New Zealand. After wrapping up the European portion, Pink is set to launch the second North American leg of the tour in St. Louis, Missouri, on August 10.

Pink’s return to the stage in Copenhagen was met with enthusiasm from her fans. She vowed to “kick a**” as she resumed her performances. The 44-year-old megastar had to cancel her show in Bern after suddenly becoming ill following her shows in Glasgow, Scotland, the weekend before.

“Let’s do this, Copenhagen. Let’s kick some a**,” she wrote on Instagram, updating her fans and confirming her presence at the Parken Stadium in Denmark’s capital.

Just days ago, Pink had to cancel the concert in Switzerland on “doctor’s advice” after undergoing a thorough medical examination. The promoter issued a statement expressing regret over the cancellation and explaining that the performance could not be rescheduled due to the current tour planning.

“Tickets can be returned at the place of purchase. We deeply regret the circumstances and thank you for your understanding. We wish Pink a speedy and full recovery,” the statement read.

This isn’t the first time Pink has had to cancel shows due to health issues. Last year, she had to cancel performances due to “family medical issues” and her own “respiratory infection” in North America. She also had to cancel a show in Arlington after being struck down with a sinus infection.

At the time, she told fans, “I’m very sorry to report that I have come down with a bad sinus infection, and the doctor advised me not to perform tonight. I am so disappointed. You know I do everything in my power to never miss a show.”

Despite these setbacks, Pink remains committed to her fans and her tour. Her resilience and dedication to her craft are evident as she continues to bring her high-energy performances to audiences around the world.

As Pink resumes her tour, fans can look forward to more unforgettable shows filled with her signature style and electrifying stage presence. The Summer Carnival Tour promises to be a celebration of Pink’s incredible career and a testament to her enduring popularity.

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