Punjabi star Diljit Dosanjh wows Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Punjabi star Diljit Dosanjh wows Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Punjabi star Diljit Dosanjh recently made a sensational debut on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” captivating audiences with his vibrant performance and cultural flair. The episode, which aired just a few days ago, saw the acclaimed singer and actor bring a slice of Punjabi culture to the iconic Rockefeller Center in New York.

Introduced by Jimmy Fallon as “the biggest Punjabi artist on the planet,” Diljit lived up to the title with an electrifying performance. He chose to perform his hit tracks “G.O.A.T” and “Born To Shine,” infusing the show with his unique energy and style. The official social media account of “Fallon Tonight” shared snippets from the episode, showcasing Diljit’s dynamic stage presence. The post was captioned, “@diljitdosanjh performs ‘G.O.A.T.’! #FallonTonight,” and quickly garnered widespread attention.

During his performance, Diljit paused to sing a line from his film “Amar Singh Chamkila,” declaring, “Mein hu Punjab,” which translates to “I am Punjab.” This moment resonated deeply with the audience, highlighting his pride in his heritage. Jimmy Fallon, clearly impressed, joined Diljit on stage, exclaiming, “That is how you do it!” In a playful gesture, Diljit rolled his mustache in true Punjabi style and even tweaked the lyrics of “G.O.A.T” to include a nod to Fallon, singing, “Hollywood vich jine stars hai unade vich baitha sardar goriye.”

Diljit’s attire for the show was a traditional all-white kurta and tehmat, also known as Tamba, a Punjabi version of the lungi. The kurta featured a Mandarin collar, button closures, half-length sleeves, and intricate thread embroidery. He completed the look with a matching turban, silver hoop earrings, a bracelet watch, black-tinted aviators, a black vest, a kadha, white socks, and black-and-white high-ankle sneakers.

In a delightful segment, Diljit taught Jimmy Fallon some Punjabi phrases. The official Instagram account of “The Tonight Show” posted a video of this interaction, where Diljit guided Jimmy through the pronunciation of “Punjabi Aa Gaye Oye” and “Sat Sri Akal.” While Jimmy’s attempt at the former phrase was endearing, his rendition of “Sat Sri Akal” earned him praise from Diljit.

This appearance marked a historic moment as Diljit became the first Punjabi artist to feature on the global show. Earlier this year, he also made history as the first Punjabi singer to perform at Coachella, further cementing his international acclaim.

Diljit shared his excitement about the appearance on social media, posting a video from the show’s set and announcing, “PANJABI AAGYE OYEE. This Week’s Guest.” The post included a picture of the guest list for the week, which featured notable names like Eddie Murphy, Kevin Costner, and Matty Matheson.

Diljit’s journey to international stardom has been marked by several milestones. In April, he became the first Punjabi artist to perform at Vancouver’s BC Place stadium during his Dil-Luminati tour. He shared pictures from the sold-out concert on Instagram, captioning them, “HISTORY HAS BEEN WRITTEN. BC PLACE STADIUM SOLD OUT. DIL-LUMINATI TOUR.”

Last year, Diljit made headlines with his performance at Coachella, where he announced his arrival on stage with “Punjabi aa gaye Coachella oye,” a moment that quickly went viral on social media.

Despite his success in acting, Diljit has often expressed that his true passion lies in music. During the promotions of his film “Amar Singh Chamkila,” he stated, “I believe that acting is not my forte; it’s a distinct craft. My main focus is on playing music.”

Diljit’s appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” is a testament to his growing influence and the global appeal of Punjabi culture. As he continues to break barriers and set new records, fans around the world eagerly await his next move.

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