Rapper Mac Jones talks with rapper Mike Jones via 281-330-8004

Rapper Mac Jones talks with rapper Mike Jones via 281-330-8004

In a surprising twist of events, Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Mac Jones has found himself in an unexpected yet entertaining collaboration with rapper Mike Jones. The connection was sparked by a playful photo session during the Jaguars’ media day, which quickly escalated into a memorable moment involving wings and a phone call.

The media day featured a white Porsche with a teal interior, perfectly matching the Jaguars’ team colors. Mac Jones, the former Alabama All-American, posed with the car, football in hand, and sunglasses on. He later shared these photos on his social media, captioning them with the iconic number “281-330-8004” and the hashtag “#BackThen.” For those unfamiliar, this number was famously used by rapper Mike Jones in his hit album “Who Is Mike Jones?” and is a key lyric in his popular single “Back Then.”

Mac Jones, who joined the Jaguars in a trade from the New England Patriots in March, has always been more than just a football player. In an introductory video by the Jaguars, he revealed his passion for rapping, alongside hobbies like golfing, fishing, and beach outings. “I like to do a little bit of rapping,” Jones admitted. “I’ve got a couple of songs. Nobody knows about it, so I’m letting the world know now I’m not in New England.”

Following his photo post, Mac Jones shared another post showing him receiving a delivery from Buffalo Wild Wings and getting a phone call from none other than 281-330-8004. In a video shared by the Jaguars, Mac Jones expressed his gratitude to Mike Jones for the food. Mike Jones responded warmly, suggesting a visit to Jacksonville, saying, “I might have to come to Jacksonville. You know, I got love for Duval.”

This unexpected camaraderie between the two Joneses has added a fun twist to the Jaguars’ offseason. The team is set to conclude their offseason program with a mandatory three-day minicamp. However, head coach Doug Pederson has excused most veterans from attending, leaving rookies, first-year players, and select veterans to participate. It remains unclear if Mac Jones will be required to attend.

Mac Jones is preparing for his fourth NFL season, but his first as a backup. After a challenging third season with the Patriots, where he was benched for the final six games, Jones was traded to Jacksonville. The Jaguars have Trevor Lawrence, the No. 1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, firmly established as their starting quarterback. Jones will be competing with C.J. Beathard, who has served as the Jaguars’ backup for three seasons, for the QB2 spot.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding his roster status, Mac Jones seems to be enjoying his time with the Jaguars. His social media activity suggests he is feeling more at home with his new team. In a recent post, Jones was seen showing off his route running and catching skills during organized team activities, clearly having a great time.

Mac Jones’ journey from New England to Jacksonville has been filled with ups and downs. Drafted in the first round of the 2021 draft as a potential successor to Tom Brady, Jones struggled through three inconsistent seasons with the Patriots. He was benched multiple times during the 2023 season, finishing with a 2-9 record before being traded to the Jaguars. Now, with a fresh start in Jacksonville, Jones is looking to make the most of his new opportunity.

The unexpected connection with rapper Mike Jones has added a unique and entertaining chapter to Mac Jones’ story. As he continues to settle into his new role with the Jaguars, fans will undoubtedly be watching to see how this newfound friendship and his passion for rapping will play out. For now, Mac Jones seems to be embracing his new surroundings and enjoying the ride.

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