Ray J Says He and Amber Rose Slept Together Due to Ghosts Filming

Ray J Says He and Amber Rose Slept Together Due to Ghosts Filming

Ray J Says He and Amber Rose Slept Together Due to Ghosts Filming

Ray J recently made headlines with a surprising revelation about his time on BET’s ‘College Hill: Celebrity Edition.’ During an appearance on “The Jason Lee Show,” the singer and reality TV star shared that he and Amber Rose grew close because of a supernatural twist.

According to Ray J, Rose was experiencing ghostly encounters every night while filming. He claimed that she asked him to sleep in her bed for comfort. “Amber was seeing ghosts in the [College Hill] house,” Ray J stated, only to be interrupted by Jason Lee.

Despite Lee’s skepticism, Ray J continued, “She’s like, ‘Ray J, I need you to come up and sleep with me every night ’cause I see ghosts.’” He insisted that they spent most nights together during the show.

Amber Rose seemed to find Ray J’s story amusing, commenting on the post with, “Lmaoooo Ray J is a troll 😂😂😂.”

This isn’t the only bold claim Ray J has made recently. On Club Shay Shay, he declared himself a pioneer of OnlyFans, alongside Kim Kardashian, due to their infamous sex tape. When asked how his life would differ if the tape had never leaked, Ray J pondered, “the question is, how different would we all be.”

He elaborated, “How different would this whole f*cking thing be? How different would this industry be? Everything would be different. We would all be different. All of us.”

Ray J speculated that more people might pursue traditional education and careers if the tape hadn’t surfaced. “Probably more people would be going to college and getting an education to be successful. There might not be any OnlyFans and other opportunities like that,” he suggested. “So, are we a part of the cure or we a part of the disease? I don’t f*cking know. All I know is I’m trying to make it right.”

When asked if he felt embarrassed by the tape, Ray J admitted he does, especially now that he has children. “I have kids now. Everything that we did, now, when I have kids, is totally different. The whole thing is wacky. With my kids it’s not ok.”

Ray J’s comments have certainly stirred up conversation, both about his relationship with Amber Rose and his reflections on the impact of his past actions. Whether or not his ghostly claims are true, they have added another layer to his already complex public persona.

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