RHOSLC Star Lisa Barlow Sued Over Unpaid 0K Loans

RHOSLC Star Lisa Barlow Sued Over Unpaid $410K Loans

Lisa Barlow, a prominent figure on “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” (RHOSLC), is embroiled in a legal battle over allegations of unpaid loans amounting to $410,842.36. The lawsuit, filed by her former friend and business partner Bart Carlson, claims that Barlow, along with her companies Vida Tequila and Lux Marketing, borrowed the money between May 2010 and February 2018 but failed to repay it.

Carlson asserts that he lent the money to Barlow without a formal repayment schedule due to their close relationship. Over the years, he has repeatedly asked for the money back, but Barlow allegedly told him that neither she nor her companies could afford to repay him.

In response to the lawsuit, Barlow expressed her disappointment and sadness. “Bart Carlson was once a business partner in a restaurant in Park City and, I thought, a friend. I am deeply saddened that he has decided nine years after our restaurant business ceased to claim that I owe him money,” she stated to Page Six.

Barlow vehemently denies Carlson’s claims, insisting that she has always met her financial obligations. “To be very clear, the claim that I owe Bart or his company money is untrue. I pay my bills and obligations and I always have. I look forward to the truth coming out and I intend to hold Bart fully accountable for any damage this personal attack may cause me or my businesses,” she continued.

The lawsuit has added a layer of drama to the upcoming season of RHOSLC, where Barlow’s personal and professional life will be under intense scrutiny. This legal battle is not the first time Barlow’s financial dealings have come into question. In a previous season, co-star Meredith Marks questioned Barlow’s SEC filings related to a crowdfunding campaign for her tequila brand, raising eyebrows about her financial practices.

Carlson’s lawsuit paints a picture of a long-standing financial dispute. He claims that Barlow approached him in 2010, citing financial difficulties with her ventures, and he agreed to help her out of friendship. However, despite his repeated attempts to collect the loan over the years, he alleges that Barlow has failed to repay any of the money.

Fans of RHOSLC are familiar with Barlow’s frequent mentions of her tequila brand and her apparent financial success. She has often boasted about her wealth on the show, making the allegations of financial trouble and unpaid loans particularly surprising.

The legal battle has also sparked discussions among the RHOSLC cast. Sources close to the production revealed that other cast members, including Heather Gay, Whitney Rose, Meredith Marks, and Angie Katsanevas, were taken aback by the lawsuit. The cast’s reaction to the unfolding drama is expected to be a significant storyline in the new season.

Barlow’s denial of the allegations and her commitment to proving her financial integrity in court have set the stage for a contentious legal battle. She has emphasized her intention to hold Carlson accountable for any damage the lawsuit may cause to her reputation and businesses.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the RHOSLC star’s financial dealings and business practices will be under the microscope. The lawsuit has not only strained her relationship with Carlson but also cast a shadow over her public image as a successful entrepreneur.

The outcome of this legal battle remains uncertain, but it is clear that the drama surrounding Lisa Barlow and the allegations of unpaid loans will be a focal point in the upcoming season of RHOSLC. Fans and viewers will be eagerly watching to see how the situation develops and whether Barlow can successfully defend her financial reputation.

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