Ricardo Mendoza: Meet Katya Mosquera, His New Partner

Ricardo Mendoza: Meet Katya Mosquera, His New Partner

Last week, Ricardo Mendoza made headlines when he revealed that he is in a new relationship after dating several women following his last relationship with the Peruvian actress Mayra Goñi.

The comedian from Hablando Huevadas expressed that he is in love and noted that his girlfriend has ‘endless possibilities to travel,’ a detail that caught the attention of Magaly Medina, who allowed her imagination to run wild.

This confession came to light during the latest edition of Magaly TV La Firme, where footage of the couple walking in a well-known shopping center next to Jorge Chávez Airport was shown.

“I thought she might be an ambassador, the owner of an airline, she has her private jet, the last thing that occurred to me was a hostess,” the entertainment journalist commented.

Katya Mosquera is identified as Ricardo Mendoza’s new partner. She is a 33-year-old woman who has been working for a well-known airline for several years and is reportedly a mother.

Further interest was sparked when Magaly Medina highlighted that the clothing worn by Mendoza’s girlfriend matched the uniform of a notable airline. “A Latam hostess, that is the Latam uniform. It seems they are officially together now? He has made it official, says he is in love, and talks about having infinite possibilities to travel, which I find a bit exaggerated, but it fueled my imagination,” she shared, laughing.

In a gesture that Magaly considers to be demonstrative of love, Mendoza was seen picking up his girlfriend from the airport during her day off. “They were holding hands, she in her uniform. He visits her while she’s working. That is love. They are not hiding. Afterwards, he didn’t want people asking for photos,” Magaly concluded.

In the most recent edition of “Solo queremos conversar,” Ricardo Mendoza expressed his discomfort about this situation, especially after images of his girlfriend in her work uniform were broadcast on TV. “Yesterday, some images were shown on TV, and they captured her in her uniform, which was unexpected for her. It was a bit of a shock. Thankfully, we have good communication, so it’s all good. I’m happy,” he explained.

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