Rob Lowe Explains His Viral NFL Hat ‘I Support the Shield’

Rob Lowe Explains His Viral NFL Hat ‘I Support the Shield’

When you’re a celebrity like Rob Lowe, even the smallest choices can have a big impact. Take, for instance, his choice of headgear.

On a recent episode of his podcast, SiriusXM’s Literally with Rob Lowe, the actor reminisced about an unexpected viral moment from January 2020. He attended an NFL game wearing a hat that didn’t feature a team logo but rather the generic NFL shield. The internet quickly turned this into a meme that has endured.

“It’s just a happy accident,” Lowe explained to his guest, his son Matthew Lowe. “I just picked that hat, which I think is a cool hat.”

Indeed, Lowe’s Parks and Rec character would say he literally liked it.

Rob Lowe’s NFL hat quickly became a meme.

Father and son were guests at the game, where Rob was supposed to promote his show 9-1-1: Lone Star. He was offered several hat options: a 49ers hat, an NFC championship game hat, a Packers hat, and the NFL shield logo.

“I don’t remember what your rationale was behind it other than you wanted to somewhat stay neutral, and,” Matthew confirmed, “you thought it was cool.”

When the cameras panned to Lowe, as planned, the online posts began.

The Brat Packer said he’s been told by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that it’s “the most circulated viral meme in NFL history.”

Looking back, Matthew said he knew something was up even as it was happening.

The younger Lowe recalled: “I just remember our phones going ‘Z-z-z-z,’ more so than usual because, you know, look. You and I go to a lot of sporting events together. You and I are massive Dodgers fans, so we go all the time to that and, you know, they’ll cut to us sometimes, but this was unlike anything else. I’m like, ‘What is going on right now?’ And then that was when the meme of Rob Lowe staying neutral.”

His dad didn’t seem to mind one bit, and he confirmed again, “I support the shield.”

Oh, we know, Rob.

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