Russell Crowe Responds to Dakota Johnson’s Disappointment Over Madame Web

Russell Crowe Responds to Dakota Johnson’s Disappointment Over Madame Web

Russell Crowe has recently addressed Dakota Johnson’s comments regarding the disappointing performance of the superhero film “Madame Web.” Johnson, who starred in the Sony production, expressed her dismay over the film’s critical and commercial failure. The movie, which aimed to expand the Spider-Man universe, was met with harsh reviews and underwhelming box office returns, earning a mere $91 million worldwide against an estimated $80 million production budget.

In an interview with Bustle, Johnson candidly discussed her experience with the film, stating that she would likely never participate in a similar project again. She acknowledged the negative reviews, noting that she wasn’t surprised by the film’s reception. Critics were particularly harsh, with Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times calling it “one of the worst comic book movies” he had ever seen, and Rolling Stone’s David Fear likening it to “the Cats: The Movie of superhero movies.”

Johnson reflected on her involvement in the project, admitting that she felt out of place in the superhero genre. She explained that sometimes in the film industry, a project can evolve into something entirely different from what was initially envisioned. Despite the negative outcome, she viewed the experience as a learning opportunity, albeit a painful one.

Russell Crowe, who is set to appear in Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man Universe film “Kraven the Hunter,” responded to Johnson’s remarks in a recent GQ interview. Crowe, known for his candidness, defended the superhero movie-making process and questioned the high artistic expectations some actors might have for such films. He humorously remarked on the irony of signing up for a Marvel movie and then being disappointed by the lack of depth, emphasizing that these films are part of a massive, well-oiled machine.

Crowe shared his own experiences working on superhero films, both in the DC and Marvel universes. He acknowledged the challenges of working in a bluescreen environment but stressed that these projects are jobs where actors are expected to play their roles without expecting life-changing experiences. He praised the directors he has worked with, describing them as geniuses who bring a high level of skill to their craft.

The actor also touched on his own regrets and past behavior, admitting to having made mistakes but viewing them as badges of honor. He emphasized the importance of introspection and learning from one’s actions, a sentiment that seemed to resonate with his overall perspective on the film industry.

Johnson’s comments about “Madame Web” highlighted her frustration with the decision-making process in big-budget films, which she felt was increasingly driven by committees rather than individual artistic vision. She expressed concern that this trend was starting to affect even smaller films, which she found particularly troubling. Johnson argued that audiences are smart and can detect inauthenticity, suggesting that films made by algorithms or AI would not resonate with viewers.

Despite the film’s poor performance, “Madame Web” continues to play in theaters, struggling to recoup its budget. The negative publicity surrounding the film, including Johnson’s candid remarks, has reportedly upset executives at Sony Pictures. The studio had hoped to launch a new franchise with the film but now faces an uncertain future for its Spider-Man universe expansions.

Crowe’s upcoming film “Kraven the Hunter,” led by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, is set to be released in August. Sony is undoubtedly hoping for a better reception than “Madame Web” received. The superhero genre has faced several recent setbacks, with other films like “Shazam 2,” “The Marvels,” and “The Flash” also experiencing disappointing reviews and audience interest.

As for Johnson, she is moving on to new projects. She will next be seen in the two-person drama “Daddio” alongside Sean Penn and is set to lead Celine Song’s romantic comedy “The Materialists.” Despite the setback with “Madame Web,” Johnson remains a sought-after talent in Hollywood, continuing to explore diverse roles and genres.

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