Sabrina Carpenter Releases Please Please Please Music Video with Barry Keoghan

Sabrina Carpenter Releases Please Please Please Music Video with Barry Keoghan

Sabrina Carpenter has just dropped her latest music video for “Please Please Please,” and it features none other than her boyfriend, Barry Keoghan. The couple, who have been the subject of much fan speculation and excitement, take their relationship to the screen in this captivating new release.

Ever since Sabrina and Barry went public with their relationship, fans have been eagerly following their every move. The pair have been seen together at numerous high-profile events, including the Met Gala, and Barry has been spotted supporting Sabrina at her performances, such as The Eras Tour and Coachella.

The anticipation for the “Please Please Please” music video was palpable. Fans had speculated that Barry would make an appearance, and they were right. The video, which was teased with a trailer on June 5th, had fans buzzing with excitement. One fan even tweeted, “that is 100% barry i am crying screaming throwing up,” after seeing the trailer.

In the video, Barry plays Sabrina’s criminal love interest. The storyline follows Sabrina as she falls for Barry’s character, despite his criminal activities. The video ends with a dramatic twist, as Sabrina ties him up and leaves him to face the consequences of his actions.

Fans have been ecstatic about Barry’s cameo. One person tweeted, “Sabrina carpenter and barry keoghan in the same music video was not in my 2024 bingo card.” Another fan wrote, “HARD LAUNCH OF THE CENTURY LIKE SABRINA AND BARRY THE COUPLE YOU ARE!”

This isn’t the first time Barry has been featured in Sabrina’s work. In April, she made a nod to Barry and his role in “Saltburn” during her Coachella performance. She sang, “Man his knees so weak he had to spread mine / He’s drinkin’ my bath water like it’s red wine / Coachella, see you back here when I headline.”

The “Please Please Please” music video is a continuation of the storyline from Sabrina’s previous hit, “Espresso,” which ended with her character getting arrested. The new video picks up with Sabrina being bailed out of jail and locking eyes with Barry’s character, who has just been arrested. What follows is a romantic yet tumultuous journey, with Sabrina visiting Barry in jail and waiting for him after his release.

The lyrics of “Please Please Please” also hint at Barry’s real-life career. Sabrina sings, “I heard that you’re an actor / So act like a stand up guy / Whatever devils inside you / Don’t let him out tonight.” The song touches on the challenges of their relationship and Sabrina’s plea for Barry to prove her wrong about her doubts.

Both Sabrina and Barry had standout years in 2023. Barry, 31, was nominated for his first Academy Award for his role in “Banshees of Inisherin” and made waves with his performance in “Saltburn.” Sabrina, 25, went on tour for her album “Emails I Can’t Send” and released a Christmas album. She also joined Taylor Swift on her tour.

Barry, who is a new dad to almost 2-year-old son Brando with ex Alyson Sandro, has been seen supporting Sabrina at various events. The couple’s relationship timeline includes being photographed together in December 2023, Barry reacting to Sabrina’s performances with Taylor Swift, and Barry wearing Sabrina’s merch at high-profile events.

In March 2024, Barry traveled to Singapore to watch Sabrina perform, and fan videos captured their affectionate moments. Barry was also seen wearing a beaded bracelet with Sabrina’s name at Vanity Fair’s Oscars party and W Magazine and Louis Vuitton’s Academy Awards dinner.

At Coachella in April 2024, Sabrina cleverly referenced her romance with Barry during her performance. She changed the lyrics of her song “Nonsense” to include a nod to Barry’s role in “Saltburn.” Fans captured Barry’s giddy reaction as he watched Sabrina perform.

The couple made a public appearance together at the 2024 Met Gala, where they posed for photos and shared a playful moment with Barry hiding his face with his top hat. A cute moment of Barry arriving at Sabrina’s hotel suite while she was getting ready was captured in a Vogue vlog.

The release of the “Please Please Please” music video on June 6 has delighted fans, who were thrilled to see Barry as Sabrina’s troubled love interest. The video showcases their on-screen chemistry and adds another layer to their real-life romance.

Sabrina’s lyrics in the song also give a subtle nod to Barry: “I heard that you’re an actor / So act like a stand up guy / Whatever devils inside you / Don’t let him out tonight. I tell them it’s just your culture / And everyone rolls their eyes / Yeah I know / All I’m asking baby / Please please please don’t prove I’m right.”

The music video has been met with excitement and praise from fans, who are eager to see more of Sabrina and Barry’s collaboration.

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