Samantha Still Undergoing Treatment

Samantha Still Undergoing Treatment

Samantha, a beloved actress, continues to battle health issues. Despite taking a break from her career, she is still undergoing treatment. Her recent social media post has reignited concerns about her health.

Samantha has been dealing with the aftermath of myositis, a condition that has caused her significant side effects. To focus on her recovery, she took a hiatus from the film industry. Many believed that this break would restore her health, especially after she announced the launch of a new production house and a forthcoming movie.

However, it appears that Samantha’s journey to full recovery is ongoing. She is currently exploring alternative medicine to manage the side effects of her condition. This approach is partly due to the potential harm that excessive medication can cause to one’s health and appearance.

As part of her treatment regimen, Samantha has undergone various therapies. These include ice tub baths, cryotherapy, neurofeedback, infrared sauna, and LED light therapy. Additionally, she has incorporated daily meditation into her routine. These treatments are expected to continue for several more weeks.

Samantha’s commitment to her health is evident in her willingness to try different therapies. Her fans and well-wishers continue to support her as she navigates this challenging period.

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