Seunghan’s Controversy as RIIZE Member Uncovered

Seunghan’s Controversy as RIIZE Member Uncovered

**Seunghan’s Controversy as RIIZE Member Uncovered**

On April 1, South Korean media reported that SM Entertainment’s boy group RIIZE would release the full version of their song “Siren.” The song, initially a 1-minute preview on YouTube, was officially released on April 3. Fans, known as BRIIZE, had long demanded its availability on other music platforms, including Spotify. SM Entertainment finally responded by releasing a 2-minute version of the song.

However, the excitement was short-lived. Fans quickly noticed that Seunghan, a 20-year-old member of the group, was missing from the track. Seunghan had been on an indefinite hiatus since September 2023, shortly after the group’s debut, due to controversial pictures from his past that went viral online. In November, SM Entertainment released a statement saying Seunghan regretted disappointing the team and fans and had expressed a desire to halt group activities due to the mental burden and sense of responsibility.

Despite Seunghan’s hiatus, RIIZE continued their activities with six members: Shotaro, Eunseok, Sungchan, Wonbin, Sohee, and Anton. The group quickly gained popularity for their well-synchronized performances and groovy concepts. Some fans even attempted a boycott campaign to bring Seunghan back, but his exclusion from “Siren” has left them disheartened.

Seunghan’s controversy began with a private video showing him smoking cigarettes while conversing with other K-pop idols. This video, along with pre-debut pictures of him kissing a girl at a hotel, led to his hiatus. In October 2023, a KakaoTalk screenshot from fan discussions revealed that Seunghan allegedly went live with his girlfriend even after his debut.

Despite the controversies, Seunghan made headlines on March 29 when pictures showed him reading Post-it messages from fans in front of billboards dedicated to him. This sentimental moment was overshadowed by his exclusion from the latest group release, leaving fans furious.

Fans took to social media to express their disappointment. Some recalled how Seunghan chose to train and debut with SM Entertainment, only for the agency to seemingly abandon him. Despite SM’s initial claims of taking legal action against those spreading misleading information, the company has remained silent on Seunghan’s status.

One fan wrote, “I still can’t believe SM separated Seunghan and Eunseok, especially after they went through so much together and clearly have such a strong bond.” Another tweeted, “No matter how much SM tries, they can NEVER erase Seunghan’s impact on that song. No one can ever bring justice to his parts like him.”

While some fans remain hopeful for Seunghan’s return, others are frustrated by the lack of updates from SM Entertainment. His future with the group remains uncertain.

Source: South Korean Media Reports

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