Several Dead and Injured After Car Crashes into New York Nail Salon

Several Dead and Injured After Car Crashes into New York Nail Salon

At least four people have lost their lives, and nine others have been hospitalized following a tragic incident where a minivan crashed into a nail salon in Long Island, New York. The accident occurred on Friday afternoon at the Hawaii Nail & Spa located on Grand Avenue in Deer Park, Suffolk County. According to officials, the crash happened at approximately 4:42 p.m. when the minivan drove through the entire building, leaving several people trapped inside.

The scene was chaotic, with a massive hole visible in the front of the small business. The driver of the minivan was found partially conscious when first responders arrived. Witnesses described the sound of the crash as glass shattering, a noise unlike anything they had heard before. Eric Perez, a witness, initially disregarded the noise until he saw law enforcement vehicles swarming the area.

The Deer Park Fire Department, along with multiple other emergency services, responded to the scene. Assistant Chief Dominic Albanese of the Deer Park Fire Department described the incident as a “mass casualty” event. He mentioned that the driver drove almost all the way to the back of the nail salon, and it remains unclear whether the crash was accidental or intentional. The driver was among those taken to the hospital.

The identities of the victims and the driver have not been released. The cause of the crash is still under investigation, and it is unknown if children were inside the building at the time. The crash has left the community in shock, especially given the time of year with graduations and other celebrations taking place.

Valerie Fisher, a customer who had visited the salon the day before, expressed her disbelief at the devastation. Inside the salon, mangled pedicure chairs and a gaping hole were visible. Fisher emphasized the fragility of life, a sentiment echoed by many in the community.

Danielle Tanis, another witness, recounted seeing the driver coming from a nearby Kohl’s parking lot, attempting to pass another vehicle before crashing into the salon. The scene outside was filled with police talking to potential witnesses and trying to piece together what had happened.

The nail salon was owned by a couple who were well-liked by their customers. Teresa Specht, a customer, described them as “really nice people.” The loss of life has deeply affected the community, with many expressing their sorrow and disbelief.

Virginia Garcia, whose 20-year-old niece was among the injured, shared that her niece was in a lot of pain and extremely emotional after the incident. Garcia’s niece was sitting next to a woman who died in the crash, making her feel fortunate to be alive despite her injuries.

Jasmin Darbouze, a regular customer who usually had a standing appointment at the salon, was in shock after hearing the news. She expressed her concern for the people she knew at the salon, unable to stop picturing their faces.

Witnesses reported that the driver was swerving around cars before losing control and crashing into the nail salon. Eric Perez noted that the sound of the crash was different from a typical car accident, emphasizing the severity of the incident.

A chaplain from the New York State Chaplain Task Force arrived at the scene to offer support to the victims’ families and emergency responders. Andrea Sampson, a chaplain, mentioned that their presence was to provide a listening ear to those affected by the tragedy.

Assistant Chief Albanese acknowledged the difficulty of the situation for the community and the volunteer fire department. He assured that they would get through it, despite the challenges ahead.

The investigation into the cause of the crash is ongoing, and a section of Grand Boulevard from Commack Road to Brandywine Drive has been blocked off to traffic. The community remains in mourning as they come to terms with the devastating loss and the impact on the lives of those injured.

Source: FOX 5, WABC, PIX11, CBS New York

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