Signs Home Town Stars Ben & Erin Napier’s Popularity With HGTV Fans Has Diminished

Signs Home Town Stars Ben & Erin Napier’s Popularity With HGTV Fans Has Diminished

“Home Town” stars Ben and Erin Napier have long been beloved figures in the world of home renovation, captivating audiences with their charm and design prowess. However, recent events suggest that their popularity with HGTV fans may be waning. Signs of this shift began to emerge in February 2022 when Erin expressed her frustration with increasingly rude comments from fans. In a candid Instagram Stories post, she urged those who were unhappy to simply unfollow her (via People).

The following year, the discontent among fans seemed to grow. A Reddit post in March 2023 titled “Am I the only non-fan of Ben and Erin?” sparked a discussion that revealed a significant number of viewers were less than enamored with the couple. Criticism of the Napiers’ work and personal lives became more frequent, with some fans openly expressing their dissatisfaction.

One notable incident occurred in March 2024 when an episode of “Home Town” featured a house renovation that did not sit well with viewers. When HGTV shared a clip of the before-and-after transformation on X (formerly Twitter), a fan criticized the awning, calling it cheap-looking. Erin’s Instagram post showcasing the same renovation received similar backlash, with one follower commenting, “The awning looks cheap and it would look better [if] it was just left off!”

The Napiers did not take these criticisms lightly. In a joint video posted to Erin’s Instagram in April, Ben addressed the negative comments, stating, “I’m afraid that a lot of the people out there are being rude and being mean because they want to be hurtful.” This response, however, did little to quell the growing discontent among some fans.

In addition to their renovation work, fans also took issue with aspects of Ben and Erin’s personal lives, particularly their marriage. The couple frequently shares glimpses of their relationship on social media, which has not always been well-received. In April, Erin posted a photo of Ben cooling off with a sprinkler, which led to some confusion among followers who initially thought he was nude. While many comments were lighthearted, some fans expressed discomfort with the couple’s constant public displays of affection.

This was not the first time fans had voiced their discomfort. In July 2017, Erin shared an email from a distressed fan who was bothered by Ben’s frequent physical contact with her on camera. The fan felt it was reminiscent of men who treat women like objects. Erin’s Instagram followers echoed this sentiment, with one commenting, “It’s really getting weird to see him putting his hand on her shoulder every time the two of them are alone on camera.”

Another contentious issue has been the Napiers’ decision to keep their children’s faces off social media. In December 2020, Erin addressed trolls who criticized her daughter’s hairstyle in a now-deleted Instagram post. She explained that the cruel comments were a key reason for not sharing their children’s faces online. This decision continued to spark debate among fans, with some accusing the couple of hypocrisy since their daughters occasionally appear on their show.

In January 2021, Erin faced backlash again when she posted a photo of her and Ben reading to their daughter, whose face was obscured by a book. A fan pointed out the inconsistency, to which Erin responded, “A fleeting glance on the show in 2 eps a season is very different and less useful to a predator than a library of static images of her face sitting in my IG account” (via Cinema Blend).

The debate over the Napiers’ approach to social media and their children persisted into 2023. In May, Erin posted a video explaining their decision to prohibit their kids from using social media until they finished high school. This led to further discussions with fans, one of whom accused Erin of being “very defensive on this topic” (via People).

Despite these controversies, the Napiers have continued to work on their various projects, including their own home renovations. In the spring of 2021, Erin discovered her dream house, a stately old brick Tudor, which she and Ben decided to renovate. The house, built in 1930, required updates to the kitchen, laundry room, and outdoor spaces, but its fundamental charm remained intact.

The Napiers’ renovation journey was documented in a special episode of “Home Town” Season 6, which aired in December. The episode culminated in a reveal to their mothers, who had been kept in the dark about the progress. Erin’s mother, a Realtor, was particularly moved, shedding tears as she toured the completed home.

While the Napiers’ work continues to resonate with many fans, the growing criticism and controversies suggest that their once-unwavering popularity may be diminishing. Whether this trend will continue remains to be seen, but it is clear that the couple’s journey with HGTV fans has become more complex.

Source: People, Cinema Blend

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