Singer BIBI apologizes for using profanity at university festival performance

Singer BIBI apologizes for using profanity at university festival performance

Singer BIBI Apologizes for Using Profanity at University Festival Performance

Singer BIBI has recently found herself at the center of controversy following her use of profanity during a university festival performance. Despite her growing fame, she continues to attract criticism.

Last month, BIBI performed at a university festival, engaging actively with the audience. Her recent hit “Bam Yang Gang” has significantly boosted her popularity, and the crowd’s response was overwhelmingly positive. However, before performing her song “BIBI Vengeance,” she shouted, “Who hates school? Who thinks school is f***ing annoying?” to rile up the audience.

This statement quickly became a point of contention. The use of such language, especially in a school-related context at a university event, drew negative reactions. Critics argued that such comments were inappropriate for the setting, with many saying, “That’s not something you should say at a university festival.” Nonetheless, some fans defended her, finding her remarks amusing.

More than ten days after the incident, on the 8th, BIBI issued a public apology. She explained, “I usually make a mischievous comment to hype up the crowd before performing ‘BIBI Vengeance,’ but I got too excited during this performance, and the usual comment came out wrong. I’m sorry. I will be more careful in the future. Please look at me kindly. I’m always grateful.” She also shared a photo taken with the audience from that performance.

This isn’t the first time BIBI has been embroiled in controversy. In 2022, she made headlines for a live broadcast where she was seen crying and for an incident involving chest exposure, both of which damaged her public image.

During the live broadcast, BIBI tearfully expressed, “I want to take a nap and rest, but I can’t,” and “I wish I wasn’t a singer,” which alarmed her fans. This led to speculation that she was being mistreated by her agency.

In response to the growing concerns, BIBI reassured her fans, saying, “I’m okay. Please don’t hurt the people around me and my family. If the criticism continues, I won’t stand by.” Her agency also stepped in, stating, “BIBI is in the final stages of working on her full album. The stress from this process caused her emotions to overflow.”

Later that same year, she appeared on a broadcast with “ChimChakMan” and faced backlash for intentionally exposing her chest. As the number of live viewers increased, BIBI asked, “How can I make the viewer count go up?” She then stood up and bent over, attempting to expose her chest.

“ChimChakMan” responded, “I’ll tell you in advance, don’t mess around,” to which BIBI smiled and said, “I’ve seen a lot of people do this on internet broadcasts before.” This behavior disappointed many viewers.

These controversies had somewhat faded earlier this year when “Bam Yang Gang” gained widespread popularity. However, BIBI’s recent use of profanity at the university festival has once again thrust her into the spotlight as a “controversy maker.”

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