Sofia Vergara talks cosmetic procedures which ones she’d never do

Sofia Vergara talks cosmetic procedures which ones she’d never do

Sofia Vergara, the beloved actress known for her role in “Modern Family,” has always been candid about her beauty regimen. In a recent interview with Allure, Vergara opened up about her experiences with cosmetic procedures, revealing her preferences and the treatments she avoids.

Vergara, who has become a Hollywood icon, shared her enthusiasm for cosmetic treatments like lasers and peels. “I feel like you have to take advantage of everything that is out there,” she said, emphasizing the importance of these procedures for those who care about aging. She added, “Nothing wrong if you don’t care about it. It’s not the end of the world. But if you do, now there’s so much stuff out there.”

The actress admitted she is open to various cosmetic procedures and plans to explore more in the future. “I feel like I’m going to do every plastic surgery that I can do when I’m ready,” she stated. However, her busy schedule has limited her ability to undergo more extensive treatments. “I wish I had more downtime; I would’ve done stuff already,” she confessed. “But because I’m in front of the camera, it’s not like I can do something and then sit in my house recuperating for weeks.”

Instead, Vergara has opted for smaller procedures with minimal recovery time. “I’ve been doing Botox for a long time in my neck, [around] my eyes,” she detailed. Despite her openness to many treatments, there is one procedure she firmly opposes: fillers. “I don’t believe in filler,” she said. “I feel filler does good when you’re really young and you want a little bit more cheeks or to plump your lips a little bit. At my age—51—I feel it’s not going to make you look younger. It is going to make you look more done.”

Vergara explained her reasoning further, stating, “I feel like it actually doesn’t pull you up; it kind of weighs [you down]. So I am against that, once you hit a certain age.”

In addition to her views on fillers, Vergara also shared her thoughts on other beauty choices. She recently told People that she doesn’t see herself embracing white hair. “I don’t think I am going to ever be the woman that has the courage to be, like, all-white hair,” she said. She also has no plans to cut her long brunette locks anytime soon. “In Latin America, I mean they used to tell you that once you hit 40, you’re not supposed to have this crazy long hair,” she explained. “So I’m always thinking like, ‘Is it time? Is it time to cut it?’ I don’t know, I don’t want to feel like old-fashioned [with] short hair.”

Vergara’s beauty secrets and candidness about her cosmetic procedures have made her a source of inspiration for many. Her willingness to share her experiences and preferences offers valuable insights for those considering similar treatments.

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