Sondre Lerche Releases New Single “You Are Impossible”: Listen

Sondre Lerche Releases New Single “You Are Impossible”: Listen

Norwegian indie-pop artist Sondre Lerche has just unveiled a new single titled “You Are Impossible.” This release coincides with the announcement of a 20th anniversary reissue of his acclaimed album, “Two Way Monologue.” The reissue promises to delight fans with previously unreleased bonus tracks, including “You Are Impossible” and “September Something,” which had never been recorded until now.

Lerche shared his thoughts on the rediscovery and recording of “You Are Impossible.” He explained that he originally wrote and recorded the song in January 2003, during a creative burst in his new apartment. Despite its potential, the track was never shared with his band or producers and was eventually forgotten. It wasn’t until he stumbled upon a dusty CD-R that he experienced the song anew, without any recollection of its creation. This unique experience allowed him to appreciate the song from a fresh perspective.

In re-recording “You Are Impossible,” Lerche chose to preserve the original lyrics and sang the song with his current vocal abilities. He acknowledged that he didn’t fully understand all the words or melodic choices made by his younger self, but he stood by his past work. Reflecting on his voice from 2003, he noted how polite, gentle, and bird-like it sounded, a stark contrast to his present-day voice. This journey back in time was both strange and rewarding for Lerche, allowing him to revisit a significant period in his life.

The reissue of “Two Way Monologue” is set to be released on October 11. The tracklist includes the original songs from the album, along with several bonus tracks on the vinyl and digital versions. Fans can look forward to hearing “You Are Impossible,” “September Something,” and other previously unreleased demos and versions of the album’s tracks.

Lerche’s new double album, “Avatars of Love,” showcases his continued evolution as an artist. Written and recorded in a creative whirlwind, the album features sprawling, epic tracks that defy the conventional wisdom of the streaming era. The record is a deeply personal work of self-reflection, exploring themes of loss, desire, and infatuation. Captured with some of Lerche’s closest friends in Norway, the album blends folk intimacy, electronic experimentalism, and orchestral grandeur. It offers an open and honest exploration of modern love, embracing its highs and lows.

Sondre Lerche first gained fame as a teenager with his debut album, “Faces Down,” which was praised by Rolling Stone as “one of the year’s loveliest, sunniest, poppiest albums.” Over the past two decades, Lerche has released eight more studio albums, performed on major TV shows like Letterman and Conan, scored multiple feature films, and toured with renowned artists such as Stereolab, Elvis Costello, and St. Vincent.

The reissue of “Two Way Monologue” and the release of “You Are Impossible” mark significant milestones in Lerche’s career. Fans can now experience a piece of his musical history while looking forward to his future endeavors. As Lerche continues to push the boundaries of his artistry, his music remains a testament to his enduring talent and creativity.

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