Southeast Texas counties issue evacuation orders ahead of Beryl’s landfall

Southeast Texas counties issue evacuation orders ahead of Beryl’s landfall

Several counties in Southeast Texas have issued evacuation orders ahead of Hurricane Beryl’s anticipated landfall on Monday. The orders come as the National Weather Service predicts rising tides and potential storm surges that could significantly impact the region.

In La Marque, emergency management officials have issued a voluntary evacuation order for Omega Bay and all areas outside the levee system. The National Weather Service has warned that tides in the area are expected to rise late Sunday night, with peak tides occurring early Monday morning around sunrise. These high tides could prevent residents from leaving their homes for several hours and may also hinder access to emergency services.

Brazoria County has taken a more stringent approach, issuing a mandatory evacuation for the town of Quintana. Additionally, a voluntary evacuation has been advised for low-lying areas south of the Intracoastal Canal. The county’s officials are urging residents to take these warnings seriously and to evacuate if they are in vulnerable areas.

In Matagorda County, evacuation orders are also voluntary for coastal communities. Similarly, in Galveston, areas west of 103rd Street that are not protected by the seawall have been advised to evacuate voluntarily. Officials have cautioned that residents who choose to stay on Galveston Island may find it difficult to leave safely for several hours once the storm hits.

ABC13’s Miya Shay reported from Galveston Island on Sunday morning, noting that the usually bustling area was seeing dwindling crowds as the sky grew overcast. Many residents and visitors were seen contemplating their next steps, trying to decide whether to stay or evacuate. While a significant number of island residents are expected to stay, those on the west end have been encouraged to evacuate to avoid the storm surge that could potentially block roads and isolate them.

The situation is being closely monitored, and updates are being provided through various news outlets and social media platforms. Residents are urged to stay informed and to follow the guidance of local authorities to ensure their safety.

Source: ABC13, CNN

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