Stream Boycomma’s New EP ‘Stress Starving’

Stream Boycomma’s New EP ‘Stress Starving’

Boycomma, the California-based band that caught our attention with their debut album “Use Me (in memory of)” last year, has just released a new EP titled “Stress Starving.” This latest project, out now on Tormented Records, continues to showcase the band’s unique blend of introspection and raw energy.

Despite being only six tracks long, “Stress Starving” packs a punch with its eclectic song titles and emotional depth. Tracks like “I LOVE E SEX” and “MEOWING IN PUBLIC” stand out not just for their names but for the intense emotions they convey. Brad Warriner, the band’s frontman, delves deep into his psyche, especially on the alt-rock track “GRAPEFRUIT,” where he sings, “Maybe I’m too sympathetic/ Maybe I’m just full of shit.”

“MEOWING IN PUBLIC” surprises listeners with an unexpected metal breakdown, showcasing the band’s versatility. This is followed by the tender ballad “J ELLA,” where Warriner opens with, “I was doing fine and then I started thinking/ I don’t know much but I have my reasons/ I was doing fine and then I started drinking/ About you.” The song captures the vulnerability and raw emotion that Boycomma is known for.

The EP concludes with “EAT ME ALIVE,” a track that Warriner has previously explained was inspired by a Pinegrove lyric about the pain of feeling unheard. The main line, “Are you even listening?” is both a call for crowd engagement and a reflection of Warriner’s personal experiences. He sings, “You’re acting like I don’t give you both of my goddamn ears for all of your problems, but you want more because I couldn’t solve them.” This line encapsulates the frustration and heartache of feeling ignored and unappreciated.

Boycomma’s “Stress Starving” is a testament to the band’s ability to blend introspective lyrics with powerful music. Each track offers a glimpse into Warriner’s mind, making the EP a must-listen for fans of alt-rock and emotional storytelling. Stream “Stress Starving” now and experience the cathartic journey that Boycomma has crafted.

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