Taconic High School Awards and Scholarships Community News

Taconic High School Awards and Scholarships Community News

Taconic High School Awards and Scholarships Community News

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Taconic High School has announced the recipients of its annual awards and scholarships, celebrating the achievements of its outstanding students.

This year, Benjamin Ginsberg has been named Valedictorian, while Jane Wong has earned the title of Salutatorian. Both students have demonstrated exceptional academic prowess and dedication.

The Career Technical Education Certificate Awards were presented to students excelling in various fields. In Advanced Manufacturing, Alex Allessio and Dominic Dascani were recognized. The Automotive Collision & Refinishing category saw awards go to Wesley Ahoussi, Vincent Isenhart, Steve Patch, Nelsin Hassan, Jayden McCartney, and Tayvon Sandifer.

In Automotive Technology, the recipients included Hannah Bourdon, Lucas Maturevich, Nicolas Silva Plazas, Joseph Duprat, Kole Nylic, Mathew Sottile, McKenzie Johnson, Christopher Patterson, Sydney Talis, Marc Matkovsky, Kamara Reynolds, and Tucker Thomas. Carpentry awards were given to Caimin Ketchum, Ariel Saldana, Carter Layne, and Isaiah Soriano.

Cosmetology students Ahna Balcom, Aralyn Cross, Lauren Healey, Iszabel Barahona, Ava Falwell, Kyleigh Pannesco, Cheyanna Buffoni, Hayleigh Hadsell, Dakodda Ridley, and Jada Clark were also honored. In Culinary Arts, Cameron Cyr, Kiara Dietsch, Violet Isenhart, Kaireasia Daniels, Bryanna Garcia, Rebecca Kratka, Andrew DeFino, Chloe Gordon, and Allexa Williams received awards.

Early Education and Care awards went to Bryn Blackmer, Lauren Healey, Rachel Rathbun, Kelliauna Delph, Dagmaris Maisonet, Devahn Smith, Alana Haecker, Amelia Moro, and Aidan Spaniol. Health Technology recognized Lequan Burns, Hunter Golin, Amelia Leasure, Darwin Carangui Saldana, Maria Gonzales Chica, Gracie Samrith-Friend, Kimberly Goines, and Delanee Sweener.

In Horticulture, Christine Hayes and Rhiannon Lavigne were awarded. Metal Fabrication awards went to Mason Cortis, Joseph Dean, Hannah Manzolini, Cole Davenport, Shamus Gaherty, and Camreese Wood.

Health Technology Awards included Alzheimer’s Caregiver Certificates for Lequan Burns, Kimberly Goines, Gracie Samrith Friend, Darwin Carangui Saldana, Hunter Golin, Delanee Sweener, and Maria Gonzales Chica. Certified Nursing Assistant Certificates were awarded to Darwin Carangui Saldana, Maria Gonzales Chica, Gracie Samrith Friend, Hunter Golin, Amelia Leasure, and Delanee Sweener.

American Heart Association First Aid and CPR Certificates were given to Lequan Burns, Hunter Golin, Maria Gonzalez Chica, Darwin Carangui Saldana, Amelia Leasure, Gracie Samrith Friend, Kimberly Goines, and Delanee Sweener. Middlesex Children’s Advocacy On-Line Mandated Reporter Training Certificates were awarded to the same group.

Mass. Personal Care Attendant Fundamentals Training Certificates were also awarded to Lequan Burns, Hunter Golin, Maria Gonzales Chica, Darwin Carangui Saldana, and Gracie Samrith Friend. The Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Western Mass. Tool Acquisition Award went to Holly Scarfone.

Jane Wong received the Mass. Association of School Superintendents’ Certificate of Academic Excellence Award. Carter Layne was honored with the Mass. Vocational Association / Outstanding Vocational Technical Student Award.

The Rotary Club of Pittsfield Service-Above-Self Awards were presented to Hunter Golin, Amelia Moro, Nicholas Guachione, and Brenna McNeice. Hunter Golin also earned a Silver Medal in the Skills USA District Competition for Nurse Assistant.

Jacob Hall received the Aaron Barnes Career Technical Education Scholarship. Adams Community Bank Scholarships were awarded to McKenzie Johnson and Andrew Robitaille. The Allendale Elementary School PTO Scholarship went to Mya Duhamel.

Jefferson Orellana received the BCC Foundation, Grace Hampel Scholarship, while Italytzia Ruiz Santana was awarded the BCC Foundation, Husky Applied Technology Scholarship. Alana Haecker received the BCC Foundation, J. Edward Dery Jr. Memorial Scholarship.

Tiffin Martin was honored with the Berkshire County ARC, Debra Jarck Memorial Scholarship. Darwin Carangui Saldana received the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, Nicholas Boraski Family Scholarship. Nicholas Guachione was awarded the Bianchi-Barbarotta Sportsman Scholarship.

Big Y Scholarships for Academic Excellence were awarded to Autumn Christopher, Jackson Molleur, and Jane Wong. The Bob Daubney Bowling Scholarship went to Mya Duhamel. Caleb Peprah was named Youth of the Year by the Boys & Girls Club of the Berkshires.

Burger King Scholarships were awarded to Mia Bencivenga and Leena Schettini. Jackson Molleur received the Capeless Elementary School, Eugene T. O’Brien Scholarship. Ronald Berkeley III was honored with the Charles A. Persip Post 68 American Legion Scholarship.

Preston Barnes received the Charles A. Persip Post 68 American Legion Career Technical Scholarship. Amelia Moro, Payton Ramella, and Aidan Spaniol were awarded the Christopher Forte Memorial Scholarships. Amelia Moro also received the Christian A. Herter Memorial Scholarship.

Abigail Szymanski was honored with the Civitan Community Scholarship. Ezra Ezan and Tiffin Martin received the CIAO Berkshire County Soccer Hall of Fame Scholarships. Jackson Molleur was awarded the Clarence D.J. O’Neil & Family Memorial Scholarship.

Hunter Golin received the Credit Union College Scholarship Program award. Nicholas Guachione, Holly Scarfone, and Leena Schettini were honored with the Conrad R. Bernier Memorial Scholarships. Jefferson Orellana received the Daniel F. Koziol Memorial Scholarship.

Brenna McNeice and Antonio Scalise were awarded the Dave Zerbato Memorial Scholarships. Antonio Scalise also received the Donald C. Dwyer South Little League Scholarship. Cameron Cyr was honored with the Donald J. Gleason Memorial Scholarship.

Jane Wong received the Feigenbaum Scholarship. The Francis J. Quirico Educational Foundation Scholarships were awarded to Sadiya Auge, Ella Ives, Joshua-David Stevens, Ciana Bennett, Tiffin Martin, Abigail Szymanski, Autumn Christopher, Brenna McNeice, Job Vengalil, Ezra Ezan, Aniyah Moody, Heidi Vizcardo, Hunter Golin, Caleb Peprah, Jane Wong, Aiden Holden, and Antonio Scalise.

Tiffin Martin received the Frosthollow Fund Scholarship, while Jacob Hall was awarded the Frosthollow Fund Technical Scholarship. Carter Layne and Holly Scarfone received the Gerard Tillman Memorial Scholarships.

Mya Duhamel was honored with the Gene Mancuso Scholarship. Italytzia Ruiz Santana received the Girls Inc. of the Berkshires, BCC Scholarship. Sadiya Auge, Gracie Samrith-Friend, Tatyaina Curtis, Jane Wong, and Tiffin Martin were awarded the Girls Inc. of the Berkshires, Ruth P. Boraski Fund Scholarships.

Alex Allessio received the Gold Wings Foundation Scholarship. Hunter Golin and Nicholas Guachione were honored with the Greylock Federal Credit Union “Community Enrichment” Scholarships. Joshua-David Stevens received the Horatio Alger Scholarship.

Wesley Ahoussi and Jacob Hall received the John D. Codey Jr. Memorial Scholarships given by the Monday Morning Quarterback. Carter Layne received the John J. Kowalczyk Memorial Scholarship. Hunter Golin, Jacob Hall, Nicholas Guachione, and Holly Scarfone were awarded the Joseph R. Renzi Memorial Scholarships.

Sadiya Auge and Brenna McNeice received the Judy M. DiCicco Memorial Scholarships. Broc Healey and Tiffin Martin were honored with the Kevin Harrington Memorial Wrestling Scholarships. Sadiya Auge and Brenna McNeice received the Kevin Harrington Memorial Softball Scholarships.

Carter Layne received the Leslie T. Sutherland Memorial Scholarship. Camdyn McKillop, Abigail Szymanski, and Jane Wong were awarded the Liann Bordeau-Buck Memorial Scholarships. Gabriel Starsja received the Margaret Barry “Women in Math / Science” Memorial Scholarship.

Massachusetts Elks Career Technical Education Scholarships were awarded to Alex Allessio, Alana Haecker, Rylee Paronto, Preston Barnes, Jacob Hall, Joseph Reyes, Sanye Burns, Broc Healey, Italytzia Ruiz Santana, Kelliauna Delph, Alexandra Hudson, Dominic Russo, Aiden Disco, Carter Layne, Holly Scarfone, Jason Frazier, Dagmaris Maisonet, Devahn Smith, Austin Girard, Laney Martin, and Mathew Sottile.

Massachusetts Elks Scholarships were awarded to Sadiya Auge, Nicholas Guachione, Lily Powell, Mia Bencivenga, Christine Hayes, Shaun Pytko, Ciana Bennett, Aiden Holden, Antonio Scalise, Darwin Carangui Saldana, Ella Ives, Leena Schettini, Autumn Christopher, Rylee Lander, Joshua-David Stevens, Donovan DuBois, Brenna McNeice, Abigail Szymanski, Mya Duhamel, Camdyn McKillop, Job Vengalil, Ezra Ezan, Jackson Molleur, Heidi Vizcardo, Hunter Golin, Seamus O’Brien, and Jane Wong.

Hunter Golin and Jane Wong received the Massachusetts Elks National Foundation “Most Valuable Student” Scholarships. Rylee Lander was honored with the Michael Salata Memorial Scholarship. Tayshawn Altman and Autumn Christopher received the Morningside Community School PTO Scholarships.

Carter Layne received the Patrick C. Torra Sr. Memorial Carpentry Scholarship. Hunter Golin and Aniyah Moody were awarded the Peanut Scholarships. Sadiya Auge, Andrew Robitaille, Hunter Golin, and Abigail Szymanski received the Pittsfield Adams Elks Local 272 Scholarships.

Nicholas Guachione received the Pittsfield Educational Administrators Association Scholarship. Sadiya Auge, Jacob Hall, Paul Penafiel, Ciana Bennett, Aiden Holden, Joseph Reyes, Dion Bianco, Selyna Kalinowski, Antonio Scalise, Evan Blake, Marc Matkovsky, Leena Schettini, Darwin Carangui Saldana, Camdyn McKillop, Nicholas Silva Plazas, Tatyaina Curtis, Brenna McNeice, Mathew Sottile, Mya Duhamel, Jackson Molleur, Aidan Spaniol, Ezra Ezan, Aniyah Moody, Abigail Szymanski, Austin Girard, Amelia Moro, Job Vengalil, Hunter Golin, Rylee Paronto, and Jane Wong received the Pittsfield Fire Department Local 2647 Scholarships.

Evan Blake received the Pittsfield Little League Scholarship. Mia Bencivenga, Dominik Hall, Aniyah Moody, Ronald Berkeley III, Jacob Hall, Seamus O’Brien, Dion Bianco, Audrey Harrington, Tiana Patrick, Hannah Bourdon, Aiden Holden, Caleb Peprah, Jack Burke, Ella Ives, Lily Powell, Lequan Burns, Rebecca Kratka, Sophia Pringle, Darwin Carangui Saldana, Carter Layne, Joseph Reyes, Autumn Christopher, Hex Luvarce, Antonio Scalise, Riley Crawford, Brandon Macchi, Ryan Sondrini, Andrew DeFino, Hannah Manzolini, Gabriel Starsja, Donovan DuBois, Tiffin Martin, Joshua-David Stevens, Ezra Ezan, Camdyn McKillop, Delanee Sweener, Benjamin Ginsberg, Brenna McNeice, Job Vengalil, Hunter Golin, Jackson Molleur, Jane Wong, and Nicholas Guachione received the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship.

Darwin Carangui Saldana and Ariel Saldana received the Richard Edgar Molari Jr. Memorial Scholarships. Camdyn McKillop received the Robert P. Dascani Memorial Scholarship. Preston Barnes and Payton Ramella received the Rotary Club of Pittsfield, Jeff Whitehouse/Paul Harris Scholarships.

Aiden Holden and McKenzie Johnson received the Rotary Club of Pittsfield Scholarships. Audrey Harrington and Lily Powell received the Stearns Elementary School PTO Scholarships. Ciana Bennett and Jason Frazier received the St. John’s Lodge 10 Memorial Scholarships.

Rylee Paronto received the Tee Off for Youth Charity Scholarship. Evan Blake received the Tee Off for Youth Sports Classic / Boys Baseball Scholarship. Kaireasia Daniels received the Tee Off for Youth Sports Classic / Culinary Scholarship. Rylee Paronto received the Tee Off for Youth Sports Classic / Girls Softball Scholarship.

Delanee Sweener received the Thomas F. Tobin Jr. Memorial Scholarship. Kelsie Moore received the Thomas J. Curtis Memorial Scholarship. Holly Scarfone received the UNICO / John J. Pignatelli Vocational Scholarship. Tiffin Martin received the UNICO / Mario DiMartino Scholarship.

Hunter Golin received the UNICO / Honorable Sheriff Thomas Bowler Vocational Scholarship. Nicholas Guachione received the UNICO / Ralph DiBlasi Scholarship. Antonio Scalise received the Williams Elementary School PTO Scholarship.

Scholarships awarded by schools and colleges included Ella Ives receiving the American University scholarship, Naomi Tayi receiving the American International College scholarship, and Evan Blake receiving the Bryant College scholarship. Aniyah Moody received the Clemson University scholarship, and Dion Bianco received the Eckerd College scholarship.

Sadiya Auge received the Elms College scholarship, and Abigail Szymanski received the Emmanuel College scholarship. Matthew Lee received the Kansas State University scholarship, and Marc Matkovsky received the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts scholarship.

Mya Duhamel received the Merrimack College scholarship, and Leena Schettini received the Miami University of Ohio scholarship. Jackson Molleur and Job Vengalil received the Northeastern University scholarships.

Selyna Kalinowski received the Siena College scholarship, and Gabriel Starsja received the Simmons University scholarship. Joshua-David Stevens received the Springfield College scholarship, and Ciana Bennett, Ezra Ezan, Tiffin Martin, Camdyn McKillop, Brenna McNeice, and Lily Powell received the University of Massachusetts, Amherst scholarships.

Darwin Carangui Saldana received the University of Massachusetts, Boston scholarship, and Hunter Golin received the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth scholarship. Tatyaina Curtis received the University of New Haven scholarship, and Nicholas Guachione received the University of Pennsylvania scholarship.

Jane Wong received the University of Rochester scholarship, and Benjamin Ginsberg received the University of Vermont scholarship. Autumn Christopher received the Villanova University scholarship, and Amelia Moro and Antonio Scalise received the Westfield State University scholarships. Mia Bencivenga received the Wheaton College scholarship.

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