Tang Wei Gets Shy After Saying Her Most Commonly Used Korean Word

Tang Wei Gets Shy After Saying Her Most Commonly Used Korean Word

Tang Wei Gets Shy After Saying Her Most Commonly Used Korean Word

In a recent interview conducted on June 9, actress Tang Wei was asked about her most frequently used Korean word or phrase. After a brief moment of hesitation, she revealed that her go-to word is “Yeo-bo,” which translates to Honey or Darling, a term of endearment for one’s partner.

Upon sharing this, Tang Wei couldn’t help but laugh and immediately covered her face, blushing with shyness. The candid moment highlighted her endearing personality and the affectionate bond she shares with her husband.

Tang Wei is married to South Korean director Kim Tae Yong, who was also present during the interview. Kim Tae Yong has been occupied with promotional activities for his latest film, ‘Wonderland,’ in which Tang Wei also stars.

The couple’s chemistry and mutual support were evident, adding a layer of warmth to the interview. Tang Wei’s use of the affectionate term “Yeo-bo” not only showcased her comfort with the Korean language but also provided a glimpse into her personal life.

The interview moment quickly gained attention, with fans and viewers charmed by Tang Wei’s genuine reaction. Her ability to connect with the audience through such a simple yet heartfelt word resonated deeply, making the interview a memorable one.

Tang Wei’s career has been marked by her versatility and talent, and her relationship with Kim Tae Yong has often been a topic of interest. The couple’s collaboration on ‘Wonderland’ has further solidified their professional and personal bond.

As Tang Wei continues to navigate her career in both Chinese and Korean entertainment industries, moments like these offer a glimpse into the person behind the roles. Her candidness and humility make her a beloved figure among fans.

The interview not only highlighted Tang Wei’s linguistic skills but also her ability to connect with people on a personal level. Her use of “Yeo-bo” was a small yet significant moment that showcased her love and affection for her husband.

Overall, the interview provided a heartwarming insight into Tang Wei’s life, leaving fans with a smile and a deeper appreciation for the actress. Her genuine reaction and the affectionate term she used will undoubtedly be remembered by many.

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