Taylor Momsen Was Bitten By A Bat Onstage BuzzFeed
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Taylor Momsen Was Bitten By A Bat Onstage BuzzFeed

Taylor Momsen, the dynamic frontwoman of The Pretty Reckless, recently experienced a truly wild moment on stage. While performing in Seville, Spain, as part of their tour opening for AC/DC, Momsen was unexpectedly bitten by a bat.

The incident occurred during the band’s performance of “Witches Burn,” a song that now seems eerily fitting given the circumstances. Momsen shared a video of the bizarre encounter on her Instagram, capturing the exact moment the bat latched onto her leg.

In her Instagram caption, Momsen described the event as a “ROCK AND ROLL MOMENT.” She explained that she was so engrossed in her performance that she didn’t notice the bat until the audience began screaming and pointing. “He was cute, but yes he bit me,” she added, showing her characteristic sense of humor even in such an unusual situation.

The video shows the bat clinging to her leg, a sight that left the crowd in a frenzy. Despite the unexpected visitor, Momsen continued her performance, embodying the true spirit of rock and roll.

Following the bite, Momsen had to undergo a series of rabies shots, a precautionary measure that will last for two weeks. She shared footage of the bite and her subsequent hospital visit, where the staff humorously dubbed her “#batgirl” after seeing the incident on the local news.

Momsen’s fans were quick to express their relief that she was okay, flooding her social media with messages of support. The incident has only added to her rock star mystique, proving once again that she can handle anything that comes her way, even a bat bite.

The Pretty Reckless has been making waves in the rock scene since 2009, and this latest tour with AC/DC is a testament to their enduring popularity. Despite the unexpected interruption, the band continues to deliver electrifying performances, much to the delight of their fans.

Momsen’s encounter with the bat is a reminder of the unpredictable nature of live performances. It’s not every day that a rock star gets bitten by a bat on stage, but if anyone can handle it with grace and humor, it’s Taylor Momsen.