Taylor Swift sings I Can See You in Liverpool where she shot video

Taylor Swift sings I Can See You in Liverpool where she shot video

Taylor Swift recently marked a significant milestone by performing her 100th show, and she chose Liverpool, England, for this special occasion. The city holds a unique place in her heart as it was the filming location for her “I Can See You” music video from “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).” During her acoustic surprise set, Swift played the vault track on guitar before seamlessly transitioning to “Mine.”

Reflecting on her time in Liverpool, Swift expressed her gratitude to the audience, saying, “The last time I was in Liverpool, I was here shooting a music video. You guys were so incredibly nice to me, to the cast and crew, to everybody who was on set.” The video featured actors Joey King and Taylor Lautner, adding a nostalgic touch to the performance.

As she moved to the piano, Swift, dressed in a pink outfit, lightened the mood with a joke, “I can do it with a sniffling nose.” The chilly mid-50s temperature at Anfield Stadium, coupled with the wind, didn’t deter her spirit. On the piano, she beautifully blended “Cornelia Street” from “Lover” with “Maroon” from “Midnights,” showcasing her versatility.

Swift’s connection to Liverpool goes beyond her recent performance. Earlier this year, she took advantage of a break in her Eras Tour schedule to shoot the “I Can See You” music video in the city. Fans initially speculated that the video was for her “Midnights” era, but Swift, known for her intricate easter eggs, was already planning for “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).”

The video was shot at two iconic Liverpool locations: St George’s Hall and the Cunard Building. St George’s Hall, which also appeared as Gotham City Hall in 2022’s “The Batman,” and the Cunard Building, seen in the film’s background, provided a historic backdrop for the video. A source revealed that Swift was thrilled to film in such unique and unexpected locations, adding that the shoot was a highly organized operation with strict non-disclosure agreements.

Despite the secrecy, onlookers managed to capture some behind-the-scenes moments. The video, centered around a heist, featured Swift being rescued from a vault filled with memorabilia and outfits from her “Speak Now” era. Joey King and Taylor Lautner, both significant figures from that time, played key roles in the video. King appeared in Swift’s “Mean” music video, while Lautner was the inspiration behind “Back to December.”

The video is rich with “Speak Now” easter eggs, reminiscent of the “Bejeweled” music video, which also referenced Swift’s third album. Fans noticed the same balcony from her “Speak Now” tour in the “I Can See You” video, adding another layer of nostalgia.

While “Speak Now” was the focus, fans also spotted nods to Swift’s “1989” era, hinting that she might already be planning her next re-recorded album. Swift’s mission to reclaim her masters makes the Batman filming location a fitting choice for the video.

For Swifties eager to visit the filming locations, St George’s Hall offers various events and exhibits, along with a bakery selling pies and pastries. The Cunard Building, though less accessible, is located near the Pier Head area, perfect for snapping photos and reliving the “I Can See You” moment.

Swift’s Liverpool performance and the “I Can See You” music video highlight her deep connection to the city and her fans. As she continues her journey of re-recording her albums, fans can look forward to more surprises and easter eggs from the ever-creative Taylor Swift.

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