The Big Door Prize Season 3 is Cancelled on Apple TV+ Is This the Right Decision?

The Big Door Prize Season 3 is Cancelled on Apple TV+ Is This the Right Decision?

It’s official: The Big Door Prize will not be returning for a third season on Apple TV+. This decision comes as a surprise to many fans who were eagerly anticipating more episodes of the dramedy, which had received an early Season 2 renewal in April 2023, just a week after its series premiere.

Based on M.O. Walsh’s novel, The Big Door Prize centers around a small town that undergoes a dramatic transformation when a mysterious machine appears in the local general store. This machine, known as the Morpho, promises to reveal each resident’s true life potential, leading to a series of life-altering decisions and revelations.

Chris O’Dowd stars as Dusty Hubbard, a seemingly content and cheerful family man and high school teacher. Dusty watches as everyone around him begins to reevaluate their life choices and ambitions based on the machine’s printouts. This forces him to question whether he is truly as happy as he once thought. His wife, Cass, played by Gabrielle Dennis, indulges in the dream that there might be something bigger out there for her. Like many of Deerfield’s residents, the couple has lived a relatively safe and uncomplicated life until the arrival of the Morpho machine. The community is then forced to reconcile with their unfulfilled achievements in pursuit of a better future.

The cancellation of The Big Door Prize is the latest in a series of cuts by Apple TV+, following the recent cancellations of musical comedy Schmigadoon! and astronaut drama Constellation. However, it’s not all bad news for the streaming service, which has announced renewals for several other series, including Slow Horses, Hijack, Invasion, The Last Thing He Told Me, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, For All Mankind, and Drops of God.

The decision to cancel The Big Door Prize has left many fans disappointed, especially since Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger. The series had built a loyal following, thanks to its unique premise and strong performances from its cast, which included Gabrielle Dennis, Ally Maki, Josh Segarra, Damon Gupton, Crystal Fox, Djouliet Amara, and Sammy Fourlas.

Produced by Skydance Television and CJ ENM/Studio Dragon, The Big Door Prize was helmed by showrunner David West Read, who also served as an executive producer alongside David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Miky Lee, Young Kyu Kim, Hyun Park, Bill Bost, and Sarah Walker.

The cancellation raises the question: Is this the right decision? On one hand, the show had a unique and intriguing premise that set it apart from other series. The idea of a machine that reveals one’s true potential is a fascinating concept that resonated with many viewers. The show also tackled themes of self-discovery, ambition, and the pursuit of happiness, which are universally relatable.

On the other hand, the decision to cancel the show could be seen as a strategic move by Apple TV+ to focus on other series that may have broader appeal or higher viewership numbers. The streaming landscape is highly competitive, and platforms are constantly evaluating their content to ensure they are investing in shows that will attract and retain subscribers.

While it’s disappointing for fans of The Big Door Prize, the cancellation may also open up opportunities for the cast and crew to work on new projects. Chris O’Dowd, Gabrielle Dennis, and the rest of the cast delivered memorable performances that showcased their talent, and it will be exciting to see what they do next.

For now, fans of The Big Door Prize will have to come to terms with the fact that the story of Deerfield and its residents has come to an end. The show may be gone, but its impact will be remembered by those who enjoyed its unique blend of humor, drama, and thought-provoking themes.

As the streaming wars continue, it’s clear that the landscape is constantly evolving. Shows come and go, but the stories and characters that resonate with viewers leave a lasting impression. The Big Door Prize may have been canceled, but its legacy will live on in the hearts of its fans.

Source: TVLine, Deadline

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