The Dispute Between Michael Jackson’s Mother And His Youngest Son Blanket

The Dispute Between Michael Jackson’s Mother And His Youngest Son Blanket

The ongoing legal dispute between Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, and his youngest son, Bigi, also known as Blanket, has taken a new turn. According to a report by TMZ, Bigi, 22, has filed court documents to prevent his grandmother from using funds from Michael Jackson’s estate to finance a legal appeal. This appeal is part of a broader legal battle that the two have been involved in against the executors of Michael Jackson’s estate.

Bigi’s move to block Katherine’s use of estate funds stems from a recent court ruling that went against them. The court had ruled in favor of the estate’s executors, allowing them to proceed with a transaction that Katherine and Bigi opposed. Bigi believes that appealing this decision would be a waste of money, especially considering that the estate is also his inheritance. He seems to think that the chances of winning the appeal are slim, and thus, the funds could be better utilized elsewhere.

Katherine Jackson, now 93 years old, is the matriarch of the Jackson family. She was married to Joe Jackson from 1949 until his death in 2018. Joe Jackson was a controversial figure, often described as abusive towards his children. Despite this, Katherine has been a central figure in the family, especially after Michael Jackson’s death, which has led to numerous financial disputes over his fortune.

Michael Jackson and his mother had a close relationship. In a 2013 courtroom testimony, Katherine described her bond with Michael as very strong, stating that she couldn’t have asked for a better son. The loss of Michael was a devastating blow to her, as she expressed that losing a child is the worst thing that could happen to a person.

The legal battle between Katherine and Bigi is not just about the money; it’s also about the control and management of Michael Jackson’s estate. Katherine argues that the estate should cover her $500,000 legal fees, while Bigi disagrees. According to People, Katherine’s attorney has filed a new complaint stating that the executors are holding all the assets to maintain control and avoid the more liberal distribution requirements of the trust.

Family sources suggest that Bigi’s actions are not aimed at denying his grandmother anything but are instead an attempt to protect her from other family members who might exploit her. A longtime family associate told The Post that Bigi is trying to protect Katherine in the same way Michael did, by shielding her from the rest of the Jackson family. The associate alleged that some relatives have been using Katherine to get more money from the estate, which Bigi wants to stop.

Bigi’s siblings, Prince Michael and Paris, support his legal fight. They believe that the estate should no longer foot Katherine’s legal bills, especially since the court is likely to rule against her. The Jackson insider mentioned that Bigi is being financially responsible and that his decision is not for the benefit of the heirs but to ensure that the estate’s funds are used wisely.

The estate, managed by executors John Branca and John McClain, has seen a significant transformation since Michael Jackson’s death. They have managed to turn a half-billion-dollar debt into a multi-billion-dollar empire through shrewd management and successful ventures like the Tony-nominated “MJ The Musical.” However, this prosperity has not come without internal family strife.

The estate’s lawyers have pointed out that Katherine has received more than $55 million as a trustee, including personal and property taxes, 24-hour security, and a personal chef. They argue that virtually no request from Katherine for her care or maintenance has been declined. However, Katherine’s attorney, Adam Pines, counters that the estate is being unfair by not covering her legal fees for this particular dispute.

The Jackson family remains divided over the control and management of Michael Jackson’s estate. While some family members, like Taj Jackson, have publicly defended Katherine, others support Bigi’s stance. The estate worries that such infighting could threaten the years of effort put into rebuilding Michael Jackson’s reputation and maintaining the financial stability of the estate.

Despite the legal battles, Katherine’s relationship with Bigi remains nurturing and supportive. She maintains a healthy and loving bond with him and his siblings, who are highly favored and cherished by her. The estate continues to provide substantial financial support to Michael’s mother and children, ensuring they are well taken care of, just as Michael would have wanted.

The dispute between Katherine Jackson and Bigi highlights the complexities and challenges of managing a multi-billion-dollar estate, especially when family dynamics and differing opinions come into play. As the legal battle continues, the Jackson family must navigate these challenges while honoring Michael Jackson’s legacy and ensuring the well-being of his heirs.

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