Tom Hardy Shares Rare Insight Into Family Life With Three Kids

Tom Hardy Shares Rare Insight Into Family Life With Three Kids

Tom Hardy Shares Rare Insight Into Family Life With Three Kids

Tom Hardy, known for his roles in “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Venom,” recently opened up about his family life, offering a rare glimpse into his world with his three children. The actor, who shares his 16-year-old son Louis with ex-girlfriend Rachel Speed, revealed that his teenage son has strong opinions about his films, though he remains tight-lipped about whether he actually enjoys them.

“He wouldn’t ever tell me,” Tom shared in an exclusive interview. “He’s 16, you know? He tells me what I’m getting right or wrong.”

Tom humorously admitted that he sometimes feels uncool in the eyes of his teenager, noting that the younger generation is designed to surpass their predecessors. However, he emphasized that Louis still supports him and offers valuable feedback.

“He deconstructs what I’m doing like a peer would,” Tom explained. “It comes from a position of, ‘Look, you know this.'”

As for Tom’s latest film, “The Bikeriders,” which is set to hit theaters soon, it remains to be seen what Louis will think. The movie, centered on a 1960s motorcycle club, hasn’t sparked an interest in motorcycles among Tom’s children.

“They’re too noisy,” Tom said, explaining that his eldest son is particularly cautious after a friend’s severe injury from a bike accident. “He’s very like, ‘Don’t ride bikes.'”

Tom’s two younger children, whom he shares with his wife of ten years, Charlotte Riley, also show no interest in motorcycles. “They’re not caught up in the speed thing,” Tom noted. “Before they heard the engine, they were like, ‘No, no.'”

Despite his on-screen prowess, Tom confessed that he has occasionally exaggerated his skills to land roles. “Of course, I’ve completely lied about being proficient in certain things to get work,” he admitted. “Who doesn’t? But you often get found out.”

One notable instance was during the filming of “Inception,” where Tom had to fib about his skiing abilities. Director Christopher Nolan had to get creative, strapping Tom to the back of a Ski-doo for the skiing scenes.

“I still see in ‘Inception,’ I was just tied to a Ski-doo at the time,” Tom recalled with a laugh.

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