Tommy Wirkola on Animated Sex Musical Spermageddon

Tommy Wirkola on Animated Sex Musical Spermageddon

Tommy Wirkola, the Norwegian filmmaker known for his unique blend of horror and dark humor, is venturing into new territory with his latest project, “Spermageddon.” This animated musical comedy, co-directed with Rasmus A. Sivertsen, promises to be a wild ride, exploring the themes of sex and conception from an entirely fresh perspective.

Wirkola, who gained fame with films like “Dead Snow” and “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters,” is no stranger to pushing boundaries. However, “Spermageddon” takes his creativity to a whole new level. The film follows two intertwined narratives: the awkward first sexual encounter of teens Jens and Lisa, and the adventurous journey of Simon the Semen and his fellow spermatozoa as they race to reach Lisa’s egg.

Describing the film as “Cannonball Run with sperm,” Wirkola shared his initial struggles to get the project off the ground in the U.S. Despite numerous entertaining meetings, the concept was deemed too risqué for American studios. This led Wirkola to bring the project to Norway, where creative freedom allowed him to fully realize his vision without restrictions.

“Spermageddon” is not just a raunchy comedy; it also aims to capture a sense of sweetness, particularly in its portrayal of the inexperienced teens. Sivertsen, known for his work on family-friendly animated films like the Louis & Luca series, brings a touch of innocence to the story. The film, while mature in content, is designed to appeal to a broader audience, aiming for a PG rating in Scandinavia.

The film’s unique blend of humor and heart is further enhanced by its musical elements. Although not originally intended as a musical, the development process led to the inclusion of several songs, which have become some of Wirkola’s favorite parts of the movie. The absurdity of musical numbers performed by sperm and bacteria adds an extra layer of hilarity to the film.

“Spermageddon” had its Midnight Screening premiere at the Annecy Film Festival, where it was well-received. The film’s irreverent humor and bold content are expected to make waves, particularly in more conservative regions. A memorable scene features a gynecologist singing about family planning, a moment likely to spark controversy.

Wirkola and Sivertsen’s collaboration is rooted in their shared love of bad puns and cultural references, including a raunchy Norwegian comic book called Python. This shared sense of humor is evident throughout “Spermageddon,” making it a unique and entertaining experience.

The film’s journey to the screen has been a labor of love for Wirkola and his team. With production handled by Norwegian animation studio Qvisten and worldwide sales managed by Charades, “Spermageddon” is set to make a significant impact. The film’s release in Norway is scheduled for 2025, with hopes of finding a U.S. distributor soon.

Wirkola is curious about how the film will be received in the U.S., given its mix of cute storytelling and boundary-pushing content. A humorous disclaimer at the end of the film, clarifying that certain events depicted are fictional, highlights the film’s playful approach to sensitive topics.

“Spermageddon” represents a bold new direction for Wirkola, combining his knack for dark humor with a fresh, animated format. The film’s unique premise and creative execution make it a standout project in the world of animation. As Wirkola continues to push the envelope, “Spermageddon” is poised to become a memorable addition to his filmography.

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