Travis Kelce Shares Favorite Date Night Meal with Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce Shares Favorite Date Night Meal with Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce recently shared his favorite date night meal with Taylor Swift, revealing a personal touch to their romantic evenings. During a rapid-fire interview on Matt James’ TikTok, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end disclosed that he enjoys preparing homemade pasta with seafood for their intimate dinners at home.

Kelce, who has been in a high-profile relationship with the pop superstar, proudly mentioned his newfound culinary skills. “I just recently found out how to make some home-cooked pasta. Like some actual noodles, home-cooked and everything,” he told James. The NFL star elaborated that he combines the fresh noodles with a “spicy lemon garlic and shrimp” sauce, creating a delectable shrimp linguini dish.

Despite his modesty about his cooking abilities, Kelce’s efforts in the kitchen have clearly paid off. He admitted with a laugh, “As you can tell, I don’t cook,” but his shrimp linguini has become a staple for their date nights.

Taylor Swift, known for her baking prowess, complements Kelce’s culinary endeavors. The three-time Super Bowl champion previously revealed that Swift makes exceptional Pop-Tarts and cinnamon rolls. “Taylor makes a great Pop-tart and cinnamon roll,” he shared, adding that he thoroughly enjoys cooking with her.

Swift’s baking skills have been a sweet addition to their relationship. Retired footballer Bernie Kosar once mentioned that Swift baked Kelce some gooey, frosting-covered pastries before a game against the Chicago Bears, a significant event as it marked the couple’s public debut after dating for nearly two months.

Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid also praised Swift’s baking during the 2023 to 2024 NFL season. “She makes a mean Pop-Tart. She just doesn’t share it with me, she shares with all the linemen,” he joked, highlighting her generosity.

In April, Swift shared a video on Instagram promoting her new album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” which featured a clip of her and Kelce cooking together. The video showed Kelce demonstrating his chef skills before sweetly kissing Swift on the cheek, capturing a tender moment between the couple.

While they enjoy their home-cooked meals, Swift and Kelce also love dining out at top-notch restaurants. In May, they had a lavish dinner at Locanda La Tirlindana in the gardens of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como, Italy, where they savored octopus with sliced cherry tomatoes. Their culinary adventures have taken them to various global hotspots, including sushi lunches at Nobu Malibu and dinners at Koma in Singapore during Swift’s Eras Tour.

In New York City, the couple has been spotted at several upscale establishments like Catch Steak, Nobu Midtown, and Waverly Inn. Their dining experiences reflect their shared love for exquisite cuisine and memorable moments.

Kelce’s appreciation for their romantic getaways was evident when he raved about their trip to Italy. He described the food as “unbelievable” and highlighted a butter ravioli dish as his favorite meal during the vacation. The NFL star also cherished their boat ride on Lake Como and attending Swift’s Eras Tour concert in Paris, calling it an unforgettable experience.

Despite their busy schedules, Swift and Kelce make time for each other, whether it’s through cooking at home or exploring new restaurants. Their relationship, which began in the summer of 2023, has been marked by public appearances and private moments that showcase their deep connection.

From their first meeting at Arrowhead Stadium to their romantic dinners and shared culinary adventures, Swift and Kelce’s love story continues to captivate fans. Their ability to balance their high-profile careers with intimate date nights and shared passions has made their relationship a source of inspiration.

As they navigate life in the spotlight, Swift and Kelce’s bond remains strong, with cooking and dining playing a significant role in their journey together. Whether it’s a homemade shrimp linguini or a night out at a fancy restaurant, their love for each other shines through in every meal they share.

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