Travis Kelce’s barber hopes wedding with Taylor Swift happens soon

Travis Kelce’s barber hopes wedding with Taylor Swift happens soon

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship has been the talk of the town, and now, even Kelce’s barber, Patrick Regan, is weighing in on the possibility of wedding bells. On a recent episode of the “Your Day Off” podcast, Regan shared his thoughts on the couple’s future, expressing his hope that a wedding might be on the horizon soon.

When asked about the potential for Kelce and Swift to tie the knot, Regan responded with enthusiasm, saying, “Hopefully soon, that’ll be fun.” His comments have only fueled the excitement and speculation surrounding the high-profile relationship.

Regan, who has been a close friend and barber to the Kansas City Chiefs player, has had a front-row seat to the blossoming romance between Kelce and Swift. He described the experience as “cool,” noting that it’s been fascinating to see the relationship develop. Despite the public’s curiosity, Regan mentioned that the couple has yet to make any official announcements regarding their future plans.

Getting to know Taylor Swift on a personal level has been a unique experience for Regan. He shared that Swift is genuinely interested in what people have to say and doesn’t carry herself like the global superstar she is. “She’s just a really nice person,” Regan said, emphasizing her down-to-earth nature.

Regan also praised Swift as a “good girlfriend” to Kelce, adding that it’s been “pretty cool” to witness their growing love. However, he did note that his dynamic with Kelce has changed somewhat since the relationship began. Kelce’s increased fame and the need for more security have altered their usual routines, including Regan’s weekend visits to Kelce’s home.

Despite these changes, Regan remains supportive and happy for his friend. He acknowledged the additional security measures in place to protect Kelce from fans and paparazzi, saying, “I’m happy for him and seeing the stardom that he’s getting. Cause he’s just a normal guy too. You guys would love him. He’s just a regular dude.”

The couple, who started dating last summer, have been the subject of engagement rumors for months. While no official wedding plans have been confirmed, sources have suggested that Kelce might propose to Swift on their first anniversary next month. This speculation has only added to the anticipation and excitement among fans and the media.

Regan’s involvement in Kelce’s life extends beyond just being his barber. He has been there for significant moments, including giving Kelce a fresh haircut ahead of the 2024 Super Bowl. Regan also trimmed Kelce’s “Andy Reid Stache” around the time the NFL star began dating Swift.

As the couple approaches their one-year anniversary, fans are eagerly watching for any signs of an engagement. While some sources have downplayed the immediacy of a proposal, others close to the couple believe it could happen sooner rather than later. Regardless of the timeline, the relationship between Kelce and Swift continues to captivate the public’s attention.

In the meantime, Regan’s insights provide a glimpse into the personal side of this high-profile romance. His comments about Swift’s genuine nature and the changes in Kelce’s life highlight the real-life dynamics behind the headlines. As fans and media alike speculate about the future, one thing is clear: the relationship between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift is one to watch.

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