Valerie Bertinelli and Boyfriend Mike Goodnough Attempt Cool Kids Act

Valerie Bertinelli and Boyfriend Mike Goodnough Attempt Cool Kids Act

Valerie Bertinelli and her boyfriend, Mike Goodnough, recently took on a popular social media trend, showcasing their playful side ahead of their red carpet debut. In an Instagram video shared on June 8, the couple attempted the trend of seamlessly transitioning between outfits. The video started with both of them in casual T-shirts and pants, trying to perfect their timing as they jumped in place. Despite their initial failed attempts, which were filled with laughter, Bertinelli coached Goodnough through a countdown to get it right.

Their persistence paid off, and the final clip showed the couple dressed to impress at the 51st annual Daytime Emmys Awards on June 7. Bertinelli stunned in an all-white ensemble, while Goodnough looked sharp in a black suit paired with sneakers. Bertinelli humorously captioned the post, “Sooo… tried to make one of those newfangled transition videos like the cool kids. It went…well…like this. (we’ll never be the cool kids).”

The couple made their red carpet debut at the Daytime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, posing for pictures and speaking to the press about their relationship, which they made Instagram official earlier this year. Goodnough, making his first red carpet appearance, shared his admiration for Bertinelli, describing her as brilliant, smart, funny, talented, kind, thoughtful, and patient. Bertinelli, in turn, praised Goodnough, calling him a “hot piece of…” before trailing off as he blushed.

Bertinelli was nominated for two awards at the ceremony, including best culinary host and best culinary show for her Food Network series “Valerie’s Home Cooking,” which was canceled in April 2023. Goodnough celebrated her achievements with a touching Instagram video, expressing his pride and love for her.

Their relationship, which began as a platonic connection on Instagram, turned romantic earlier this year. Bertinelli had previously mentioned in an interview that she was “in love” with someone but did not reveal his identity. Goodnough later confirmed their relationship on his Substack, “Hoarse Whisperings,” describing it as surreal yet wonderful.

Goodnough, a writer based on the East Coast, often shares his thoughts on life, love, and parenting on his Substack. He is also a father to a 16-year-old son and frequently writes about his experiences as a parent. His candidness about his mental health and his transparent approach to life have resonated with many of his followers.

The couple’s playful and loving dynamic is evident in their social media posts. Goodnough has shared several sweet moments with Bertinelli, including a selfie from the Daytime Emmys and a video of them enjoying a quiet evening at home with pizza. Their relationship seems to be built on mutual respect, admiration, and a shared sense of humor.

Bertinelli, who was previously married to Eddie Van Halen and Tom Vitale, has found joy and love again with Goodnough. She has expressed her happiness and gratitude for their relationship, describing it as incredibly right. Goodnough, in turn, has shown his support for Bertinelli and her son, Wolfgang, often reposting updates about Wolfgang’s music career.

Their journey together, from their initial connection on Instagram to their red carpet debut, has been filled with love, laughter, and a sense of adventure. As they continue to navigate their relationship, they remain grounded and focused on what truly matters – their love for each other and the joy they find in their everyday moments together.

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