Vanna White’s Decision: Should She Have Departed ‘Wheel of Fortune’ With Pat?

Vanna White’s Decision: Should She Have Departed ‘Wheel of Fortune’ With Pat?

Vanna White would like to throw some shade.

The “Wheel of Fortune” star once jokingly claimed that her heels do more work on the legendary game show than departing co-host Pat Sajak. According to a resurfaced interview with Esquire, White, 66, once said that she has “walked thousands of miles” during her 41 years on the game show, all while Sajak, 76, stood still at the wheel.

“My position is much more, what’s the word? I work a lot harder,” joked White. “I’ve walked thousands of miles. And he didn’t have to do that. In my heels, no less.”

Despite the joke, White said that she doesn’t consider herself to be more important than anyone else who works on the show. “I’m not any better than anybody else. I mean, yes I am running the show, which is kind of scary. But I don’t think of it as being empowered, in a way,” White said.

“I think I’m equal to everybody. We have 150 staff and crew. It’s not just me up there. There’s 150 of us that put the whole show together. So we all have our roles to play.”

White has been a letter-turning staple of “Wheel of Fortune” since 1982, alongside Sajak, who announced his retirement in early June. Sajak, who called his time on the syndicated television show “a wonderful ride,” will be replaced by “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest after “Wheel’s” 41st season.

White — who makes $3 million a season — has reportedly been seeking a raise from the show’s producers, claiming that she has only received bonuses for the last 18 years. She has reportedly “lawyered up” and is asking for half of Sajak’s $15 million a year salary.

“After 41 years as a model employee and more the face of that show than [Pat], asking for 50% of what he makes seems like a no-brainer,” a source close to White told TMZ. The insider also claimed that Sony is being “very difficult” and aren’t budging yet.

According to Puck News, White has also hired attorney Bryan Freedman, who once represented Mike Richards, the short-lived host of “Jeopardy!” who departed in 2021. White’s sudden decision to lawyer up comes after a source told the Daily Mail that she fears being let go from the series after Sajak’s exit.

“The next year is going to be quite the ride and Vanna wants to be a part of it all even after he leaves, and she hopes they don’t force her out,” a source close to White told the outlet.

“Vanna doesn’t want to leave ‘Wheel of Fortune’ even after Pat’s announcement of retirement, and she would highly consider taking over his role as host on the show,” the anonymous source claimed.

The question now arises: Should Vanna White have departed ‘Wheel of Fortune’ with Pat Sajak? White’s decision to stay on the show, despite Sajak’s retirement, has sparked a debate among fans and industry insiders alike.

On one hand, White’s long-standing presence on the show has made her an iconic figure, and her departure alongside Sajak could have marked the end of an era. On the other hand, her desire to continue and potentially take on a more prominent role could bring a fresh dynamic to the show.

White’s commitment to the show is evident in her willingness to fight for fair compensation and her desire to remain a part of the “Wheel of Fortune” family. Her decision to stay could be seen as a testament to her dedication and love for the show, as well as her belief in its continued success.

However, the uncertainty surrounding her future on the show and the potential for a new host dynamic with Ryan Seacrest adds a layer of complexity to the situation. White’s decision to stay could either solidify her legacy or lead to unforeseen challenges as the show transitions into a new era.

Ultimately, the decision of whether White should have departed with Sajak is a personal one, influenced by her own career goals, financial considerations, and emotional attachment to the show. Her choice to stay reflects her belief in her value and her desire to continue contributing to the show’s success.

As “Wheel of Fortune” moves forward with a new host, only time will tell how White’s decision will impact the show and her own career. For now, fans can look forward to seeing how this new chapter unfolds and whether White’s continued presence will bring a new energy to the beloved game show.

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