Watch APOCALYPTICA Celebrate Release Of ‘Apocalyptica Plays Metallica Vol 2’ At Helsinki Concert

Watch APOCALYPTICA Celebrate Release Of ‘Apocalyptica Plays Metallica Vol 2’ At Helsinki Concert

Finnish cello rockers APOCALYPTICA recently marked the release of their highly anticipated album “Apocalyptica Plays Metallica Vol. 2” with a spectacular concert at the Black Box of Helsinki Ice Hall in Helsinki, Finland. The event, held on June 8, was a celebration of the band’s latest tribute to the heavy metal legends METALLICA, continuing a journey that began with their groundbreaking 1996 debut.

The new album, released on June 7 via Throwdown Entertainment, features a symphonic tribute to METALLICA, showcasing the unique blend of classical and metal that APOCALYPTICA is renowned for. One of the standout moments of the album is the track “One,” which features METALLICA frontman James Hetfield delivering a soul-stirring spoken word performance of the song’s iconic lyrics. This collaboration is not just a musical feat but a historic moment for fans of both bands.

In an interview with Mexico’s Summa Inferno, APOCALYPTICA’s lead cellist Perttu Kivilaakso shared the story behind Hetfield’s involvement. Kivilaakso had always envisioned a cinematic version of “One,” complete with a narrator to bring the soldier’s story to life. Initially, the band considered various actors for the role, but to their surprise and delight, Hetfield himself expressed interest in participating. The result was a deeply emotional experience for Kivilaakso, who described falling to his knees in tears upon hearing Hetfield’s recorded tracks.

The album also features METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo on the lead single “The Four Horsemen,” a track from METALLICA’s 1983 debut “Kill ‘Em All.” Kivilaakso explained on the DJ Force X Podcast that the idea for the album had been in their minds for years, and the timing felt right after the pandemic to revisit their roots. The band’s longstanding relationship with METALLICA made the collaboration even more special, with Trujillo offering to play on the album as a gesture of respect and support.

When “Apocalyptica Plays Metallica Vol. 2” was first announced, the band expressed their excitement about the project. They highlighted the unique approach they took, aiming to bring a new perspective to METALLICA’s music while maintaining the original energy and emotion. The album also marks the final studio release with longtime drummer Mikko Sirén, who amicably departed after its completion. Produced by Joe Barresi, known for his work with QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, SOUNDGARDEN, and NINE INCH NAILS, the album promises to be a monumental addition to APOCALYPTICA’s discography.

Reflecting on the impact of their 1996 debut “Plays Metallica By Four Cellos,” APOCALYPTICA’s Paavo Lötjönen noted how the album showcased their classically trained abilities and set the stage for their future work. The band has been performing the album in full at select live dates since its 20th anniversary in 2016, bringing back the same feelings and excitement they experienced two decades ago.

The connection between APOCALYPTICA and METALLICA has always been strong. In a 2015 interview, Kivilaakso and Lötjönen recalled joining METALLICA on stage during their 30th-anniversary celebration in San Francisco. Playing alongside their idols was a surreal experience, highlighting the mutual respect and admiration between the two bands.

As APOCALYPTICA continues to push the boundaries of their music, “Apocalyptica Plays Metallica Vol. 2” stands as a testament to their innovative spirit and deep appreciation for METALLICA’s legacy. The Helsinki concert was a fitting celebration of this milestone, bringing together fans and musicians in a shared love for the powerful fusion of classical and metal music.

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