Watch the Trailer for the New Ani DiFranco Documentary 1-800-ON-HER-OWN

Watch the Trailer for the New Ani DiFranco Documentary 1-800-ON-HER-OWN

Ani DiFranco’s journey as a trailblazing musician and founder of Righteous Babe Records is the focus of a new documentary, 1-800-ON-HER-OWN. The film, directed by Dana Flor, is set to premiere tonight at the Tribeca Film Festival. The trailer, now available, offers a glimpse into DiFranco’s life and career, highlighting her impact on the music industry and her unwavering commitment to her principles.

The trailer begins with a series of archival clips, showcasing DiFranco’s early career in the 1990s. These clips reveal the challenges she faced in an industry and media landscape that often misunderstood or opposed her. In one memorable clip, DiFranco responds to the labels placed on her with a dismissive “Whatever,” encapsulating her defiant spirit.

The documentary also delves into the founding of Righteous Babe Records, a “woman-run non-corporate queer-happy” label. DiFranco’s goal was to create a space in the music industry for women, and the film explores how she achieved this. The trailer also touches on DiFranco’s reflections on her current life, as she contemplates her future with humor and curiosity.

1-800-ON-HER-OWN will have its world premiere at the OKX Theater at BMCC TPAC, with DiFranco herself attending to deliver a special performance. Additional screenings are scheduled for June 11 and June 13.

Director Dana Flor was inspired to make the documentary not only because of DiFranco’s pioneering career but also because her story resonates with contemporary issues. In a statement, Flor emphasized the importance of recognizing women like DiFranco, who have spent their lives fighting against hate and misogyny. DiFranco’s story, Flor noted, is particularly relevant in today’s world, where democracy and civil rights are under threat.

Flor’s statement highlights DiFranco’s unwavering commitment to her values, even at the expense of her personal life and career. For over 30 years, DiFranco has remained true to herself as both a musician and an activist. Her story, while unique, will resonate with anyone who has ever faced marginalization or been told they are too loud, too weird, or too uncompromising.

The documentary promises to be a compelling look at DiFranco’s life, offering a backstage pass to her journey. It includes never-before-seen archival footage, providing an intimate look at the artist who has inspired so many. The film also explores DiFranco’s life today, as she balances her career with her roles as a partner and mother.

Ani DiFranco’s influence on the music industry and her role as a feminist icon are undeniable. Her unique voice and powerful songwriting have made her a beacon for young women and marginalized communities. By founding Righteous Babe Records, DiFranco created a path for independent artists, proving that it is possible to succeed without conforming to traditional industry norms.

1-800-ON-HER-OWN captures DiFranco’s journey from a young, defiant artist to a seasoned musician and activist. The film is a testament to her resilience and her unwavering commitment to her principles. It is a story of defiance, creativity, and the power of staying true to oneself.

As the documentary premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival, it offers a timely reminder of the importance of voices like DiFranco’s. In a world where civil rights and democracy are increasingly under threat, her story serves as an inspiration to continue fighting for what is right.

The film’s premiere is a significant event, not just for DiFranco’s fans but for anyone who values the power of music and activism. It is a celebration of a remarkable career and a reminder of the impact one person can have when they refuse to be silenced.

1-800-ON-HER-OWN is more than just a documentary about a musician; it is a story of resilience, defiance, and the power of staying true to oneself. As the film premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival, it promises to inspire and resonate with audiences, reminding us all of the importance of fighting for our beliefs.

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