WayV surpasses first-week sales record with Give Me That

WayV surpasses first-week sales record with Give Me That

WayV Surpasses First-Week Sales Record with ‘Give Me That’

WayV has achieved a significant milestone with their latest release. The group, known for their dynamic performances and unique sound, has set a new record with their 5th mini-album, ‘Give Me That’.

Released on June 3, ‘Give Me That’ quickly captured the attention of fans worldwide. According to the Hanteo chart, the album recorded an impressive 340,744 sales in its first week. This achievement marks a new high for the group, surpassing the first-week sales of their previous album, ‘On My Youth’, which had around 337,000 sales.

The title track of the same name has been praised for its catchy melody and powerful choreography, contributing to the album’s success. Fans have shown overwhelming support, leading to this remarkable sales figure.

WayV’s ability to connect with their audience and deliver music that resonates has been a key factor in their growing popularity. The group’s dedication to their craft and their fans is evident in the success of ‘Give Me That’.

This new record is a testament to WayV’s hard work and the loyalty of their fanbase. As they continue to break barriers and set new standards, the future looks bright for this talented group.

Congratulations to WayV on this outstanding achievement!

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