What Lipstick Is Sabrina Carpenter Wearing in Her New Music Video?

What Lipstick Is Sabrina Carpenter Wearing in Her New Music Video?

Sabrina Carpenter has once again captivated her audience, not just with her music but with her impeccable style and beauty choices. In her latest music video for “Please Please Please,” the pop sensation shares the screen with her new beau, Barry Keoghan, and leaves fans buzzing about one particular detail: her stunning lipstick.

The video, which features Carpenter in a series of dramatic and glamorous outfits, culminates in a memorable scene where she plants a kiss on Keoghan, leaving a striking burgundy lip print. This has left many wondering, “What lipstick is Sabrina Carpenter wearing in her new music video?”

While the exact details of her makeup routine for the video haven’t been officially disclosed, there are some educated guesses based on her recent beauty choices. Carpenter has been known to favor Armani Beauty lip products for her public appearances. For instance, during her Coachella debut, her makeup artist Carolina Gonzalez used Armani’s Lip Maestro liquid lipsticks to achieve a long-lasting, velvet finish. Similarly, for her Saturday Night Live debut, Gonzalez opted for Armani’s Lip Power Lipstick, known for its satin finish.

However, in the “Please Please Please” video, it appears Carpenter might be using a different product. Observant fans and beauty enthusiasts have noted that the lipstick she wears in the video has a rich, pigmented finish that closely resembles the shades from Prada Beauty’s new line of lip products. Specifically, the Prada Beauty Moisturizing Lip Balm in Astral Pink has been identified as a potential match. This lip balm is unique in that it adjusts to the wearer’s pH levels, creating a personalized shade of pink that complements any skin tone.

Prada’s Moisturizing Lip Balm comes in several shades, including a clear option, three tinted versions, and one with micro-blushing technology that adapts to your skin’s pH. The Astral Pink shade, which Carpenter is believed to be wearing, starts as a bluish hue but transforms into a beautiful rose pink upon application. This product not only provides a stunning color but also offers moisturizing benefits thanks to ingredients like jojoba oil and bifidus extract, which help heal and protect the lips.

The choice of this lip balm aligns perfectly with the video’s aesthetic, which blends retro glamour with a modern twist. Carpenter’s character in the video, a nod to iconic film criminals like Bonnie & Clyde, is seen in various high-fashion outfits, including Alexandre Vauthier faux fur coats and Calzedonia thigh-high tights. Her makeup, featuring winged eyeliner, flushed cheeks, and glossy lips, complements these bold fashion choices.

Carpenter’s beauty look in the video has been a topic of discussion among fans and beauty experts alike. Her makeup artist, Carolina Gonzalez, has previously shared tips on achieving Carpenter’s signature pouty look, which often involves an ombré effect with a lighter color in the center of the lips. This technique creates the illusion of fuller lips and adds to Carpenter’s overall glamorous appearance.

The “Please Please Please” video is not just a showcase of Carpenter’s musical talent but also a testament to her evolving style. Her retro coquette aesthetic, which has been a recurring theme in her recent stage looks and music videos, is on full display. This aesthetic was also evident during her 2023 Emails I Can’t Send tour and her performances on Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.

In the video, Carpenter’s character is seen navigating a tumultuous relationship with Keoghan’s character, a bandit. The storyline, which includes references to classic film criminals and a series of dramatic outfit changes, is both captivating and visually stunning. The video ends with a powerful scene where Carpenter leaves a burgundy lip print on Keoghan’s duct-taped mouth, a moment that has left fans eager to replicate her look.

For those looking to achieve Carpenter’s lip look, the Prada Beauty Moisturizing Lip Balm in Astral Pink is a great place to start. This product not only offers a beautiful, personalized shade but also provides essential moisture and protection for the lips. It’s a versatile product that can be used on both the lips and cheeks, making it a must-have for any beauty enthusiast.

In conclusion, while the exact lipstick Sabrina Carpenter wears in her new music video hasn’t been officially confirmed, the Prada Beauty Moisturizing Lip Balm in Astral Pink is a strong contender. This product’s unique color-changing technology and moisturizing benefits make it a perfect fit for Carpenter’s glamorous and ever-evolving style. So, if you’re looking to channel your inner Sabrina Carpenter, this lip balm might just be the key to achieving that perfect pout.

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