‘When Calls The Heart’ Actress Mamie Laverock Survived Her Injuries But Faces Long Recovery Says Mom

‘When Calls The Heart’ Actress Mamie Laverock Survived Her Injuries But Faces Long Recovery Says Mom

**‘When Calls The Heart’ Actress Mamie Laverock Survived Her Injuries But Faces Long Recovery Says Mom**

Mamie Laverock, known for her role in Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart,” is on a challenging path to recovery after a harrowing fall from a five-story balcony. Her mother, Nicole Rockmann, has been providing updates on her daughter’s condition, emphasizing the long and arduous journey ahead.

In a heartfelt message on Mamie’s official Facebook page, Nicole expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support. “Thank you for your healing messages for Mamie,” she wrote. “Mamie survived her injuries, however, her road to recovery will be long.” Nicole also mentioned plans to set up a mailbox for fans to send cards and well wishes.

The incident occurred in May when Mamie was hospitalized for an undisclosed medical emergency. While being escorted from a secure wing to a balcony walkway at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, she fell five stories. The fall resulted in life-threatening injuries that necessitated multiple surgeries.

Nicole detailed the extent of Mamie’s injuries and the medical interventions she has undergone. “Her body has been shattered,” she shared on GoFundMe. “She has undergone two 11-hour surgeries with two doctors working on her, a three-hour surgery, and another surgery today. We have nothing but gratitude for the doctors and nurses who have been exemplary in her care since May 26.”

Despite the severity of her injuries, Mamie has shown remarkable resilience. “She is enduring tremendous pain and continues to not give up,” Nicole wrote. “We can only hold onto the miracles of each day and continue to thank everyone for their prayers and marvel at the miracles of her story.”

The family has since relocated Mamie to another facility and is considering legal action against St. Paul’s Hospital. “This is an absolute miracle and there will be accountability,” Nicole told the Los Angeles Times, indicating their intention to pursue a negligence case.

Providence Health Care, which operates St. Paul’s Hospital, confirmed they are conducting an “internal critical incident review” as per standard procedures. They extended their best wishes for Mamie’s full recovery.

Throughout this ordeal, Nicole has been sharing updates on Mamie’s progress via Facebook and GoFundMe. In a Father’s Day message, she praised Mamie’s father, John, and stepfather, Rob, for their unwavering support. “Thank you to all the dads out there who give everything every single day to their kids,” she wrote. “Thank you, John and Rob, for being the best dads to Mamie anyone could ever hope for. She is so lucky to have you both, and so am I.”

Mamie’s “When Calls the Heart” co-stars have also rallied around her. Erin Krakow, who plays a lead role in the series, expressed her support in an interview with Us Weekly. “She’s on the mend,” Krakow said, wishing Mamie the fastest recovery possible.

The news of Mamie’s accident first broke on May 26, when her family updated a GoFundMe page detailing her hospital stay. Initially treated for a medical emergency, Mamie fell while in St. Paul’s care, sustaining life-threatening injuries. The GoFundMe page has since raised over $35,000 CAD, thanks to the generosity of more than 600 donors.

Mamie’s fall followed a two-week hospitalization in Winnipeg for intensive treatment. She was then transferred to St. Paul’s in Vancouver, where she began her recovery. Despite the severity of her injuries, Mamie has shown signs of improvement. Nicole shared that Mamie opened her eyes for the first time since the fall and briefly squeezed her mother’s hand.

A spokesperson for Providence Health Care confirmed the incident but could not provide details due to patient privacy. “In cases related to patient safety, an internal critical incident review is conducted to determine exactly what happened and to make recommendations for improved patient safety,” they said. “Our hearts go out to the patient, family, and all affected by this event, and we offer our best wishes for a full recovery.”

Mamie’s family remains hopeful and grateful for the support they have received. “Mamie is ‘doing well’ comparatively to when she arrived,” they said in a GoFundMe update. “Doing well because she has survived these extensive surgeries. She is enduring tremendous pain and continues to not give up.”

Hallmark Media also issued a statement expressing their sadness over Mamie’s accident. “We are deeply saddened to hear the news about Mamie. As a beloved member of our ‘When Calls the Heart’ community, we wish her and her family peace, comfort, and many prayers during this difficult time.”

Mamie’s co-stars have been vocal in their support, encouraging fans to donate to the GoFundMe campaign. Mitchell Kummen, Erin Krakow, Johannah Newmarch, and Loretta Walsh have all shared messages of support and links to the fundraiser on social media.

Mamie Laverock’s journey to recovery is far from over, but her resilience and the support of her family, friends, and fans provide a beacon of hope. As she continues to fight through her pain and surgeries, the collective prayers and well wishes from around the world serve as a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

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