Why Sarah Jessica Parker Says ‘Rabbit Rabbit’ Every Month

Why Sarah Jessica Parker Says ‘Rabbit Rabbit’ Every Month

Sarah Jessica Parker, the iconic star of “Sex and the City,” has a unique superstition that she has adhered to for over 25 years. On the first day of every month, Parker utters the words “rabbit rabbit” as soon as she wakes up, believing it brings her good luck. This ritual is not just a private practice; she also shares it with her fans on Instagram, often posting the phrase in her captions.

In a recent Instagram video posted on June 1, Parker showcased wind chimes playing a melodious tune against a sunny backdrop. If you listen closely, you can hear her whisper “rabbit rabbit” at the end of the video. This practice is deeply rooted in folklore, with rabbits being considered symbols of good luck for over 2,000 years. The tradition of saying “rabbit rabbit” specifically dates back more than a century. According to the British journal Notes and Queries, children were observed saying “rabbits” on the first of the month for good luck as early as 1909.

Parker explained her adherence to this superstition in a 2018 interview with InStyle Magazine. She mentioned that she doesn’t remember who introduced her to the practice but has been faithfully saying “rabbit rabbit” for over two decades. She has specific rules for this ritual: if she’s awake at midnight, she waits until 12:01 to say the words. If she misses the midnight mark, she ensures that “rabbit rabbit” are the first words she says upon waking up.

This quirky tradition has become a significant part of Parker’s social media presence. Her Instagram is filled with posts featuring the phrase “rabbit rabbit,” sometimes accompanied by images or videos of rabbits, and other times with seemingly unrelated visuals like light streaming through a window or a pile of leaves. Her captions often read like poetic musings, adding a layer of mystique to her posts.

The superstition of saying “rabbit rabbit” is not unique to Parker. Historical figures like President Franklin Delano Roosevelt also followed this practice, reportedly saying “rabbits” on the first of every month for good luck. The tradition has even appeared in popular culture, such as in the Nickelodeon show “Nick Days” in the 1990s.

The origins of this superstition are somewhat murky, but it is believed to be linked to the rabbit’s association with fertility and renewal. Rabbits have long been considered symbols of good fortune, and their feet were historically carried as lucky charms. The practice of saying “rabbit rabbit” is thought to harness this luck, ensuring a prosperous month ahead.

Parker’s dedication to this superstition extends beyond her personal life. She has incorporated the phrase into her clothing line, including a limited-edition collection for Gap. The collection features colorful and whimsical pieces, some of which have “rabbit rabbit” embroidered on them. In promotional videos for the line, Parker can be seen saying “rabbit rabbit” before showcasing the clothing.

Her commitment to this ritual has resonated with her fans, many of whom have adopted the practice themselves. Parker has shared that people often tell her they learned about the superstition from her or that it reminds them of a tradition they used to follow. This connection with her audience adds a personal touch to her social media presence, making her posts feel genuine and relatable.

While the effectiveness of this superstition is up for debate, its charm lies in its simplicity and the sense of tradition it evokes. Whether or not saying “rabbit rabbit” actually brings good luck, it has certainly become a beloved part of Parker’s routine and a quirky highlight for her fans.

In a world where celebrities often curate their social media to perfection, Parker’s offbeat and sincere approach stands out. Her Instagram offers a glimpse into her life, filled with poetic captions and whimsical posts that reflect her unique personality. The “rabbit rabbit” superstition is just one example of how she brings a touch of magic to her everyday life, inviting her followers to join in the fun.

So, the next time the first of the month rolls around, you might find yourself saying “rabbit rabbit” just like Sarah Jessica Parker, hoping for a little extra luck in the days ahead.

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