Will Smith hits 3 homers against Brewers becoming 4th Dodgers catcher to do so in game

Will Smith hits 3 homers against Brewers becoming 4th Dodgers catcher to do so in game

Will Smith of the Los Angeles Dodgers made history on Friday night by homering three times against the Milwaukee Brewers. This remarkable feat places him among an elite group of Dodgers catchers who have achieved the same milestone. Smith joins Yasmani Grandal (2016), Mike Piazza (1996), and Hall of Famer Roy Campanella (1950) as the only Dodgers catchers to hit three home runs in a single game.

Smith’s trio of homers marked his 12th, 13th, and 14th of the season. His first two home runs came off the first pitch from Brewers’ starter Aaron Civale in the first and third innings, giving the Dodgers an early 2-0 lead. The third home run was a dramatic shot off the fifth pitch by reliever Bryan Hudson with two outs in the seventh inning, tying the game at 5-5. In his other plate appearance, Smith walked, showcasing his disciplined approach at the plate.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was effusive in his praise for Smith, highlighting the catcher’s consistency and versatility. “Going to right-center field, then to go to left field and then hit one off the foul pole, really impressive,” Roberts said. “He’s just so consistent and he just doesn’t get the recognition that he deserves as being one of the top two catchers in the game.”

Smith himself was humbled by the achievement, acknowledging the significance of being mentioned alongside such legendary catchers. “Those are obviously really good catchers,” Smith said. “Just to be mentioned is humbling.”

The game itself was a thrilling contest, with the Dodgers ultimately rallying to an 8-5 victory over the Brewers. Smith’s performance was a key factor in the win, providing crucial runs and momentum for his team. His ability to deliver in high-pressure situations has been a hallmark of his career, and this game was no exception.

Smith’s power surge is a testament to his hard work and dedication. As a catcher, maintaining offensive production while handling the demanding responsibilities of the position is no small feat. Smith has managed to excel in both areas, making him an invaluable asset to the Dodgers.

The Dodgers’ lineup has been bolstered by Smith’s contributions, and his performance against the Brewers is a reminder of his potential to change the course of a game single-handedly. With his combination of power, patience, and defensive prowess, Smith is establishing himself as one of the premier catchers in Major League Baseball.

As the season progresses, the Dodgers will undoubtedly look to Smith to continue providing leadership and clutch hitting. His ability to rise to the occasion in critical moments will be crucial as the team aims for postseason success. Smith’s historic night against the Brewers is a highlight in what has been an impressive season for the young catcher.

In the broader context of baseball history, Smith’s achievement is a rare and noteworthy accomplishment. Hitting three home runs in a single game is a difficult task for any player, let alone a catcher who must also manage the pitching staff and handle defensive duties. Smith’s performance is a testament to his skill and determination, and it cements his place in Dodgers lore.

For fans and analysts alike, Smith’s three-homer game is a moment to savor. It serves as a reminder of the excitement and unpredictability of baseball, where any game can produce a historic performance. As Smith continues to develop and refine his game, there is no telling what other milestones he may achieve in the future.

In conclusion, Will Smith’s three home runs against the Milwaukee Brewers is a remarkable achievement that places him in an exclusive club of Dodgers catchers. His performance was instrumental in the Dodgers’ victory and showcased his exceptional talent and versatility. As he continues to build on this success, Smith is poised to become one of the standout players of his generation.

Source: AP, ESPN

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