Will Smith Says I Am Legend Dog Co-Star Was A Brilliant Actress

Will Smith Says I Am Legend Dog Co-Star Was A Brilliant Actress

Will Smith Praises I Am Legend Dog Co-Star

Will Smith has fond memories of working with his canine co-star from the 2007 film “I Am Legend.” The Academy Award-winning actor recently shared his admiration for Abbey, the German Shepherd who played his character’s loyal companion, Sam. Smith described Abbey as a “brilliant actress” and revealed that he even tried to adopt her after filming.

During an appearance on the show “Hot Ones,” Smith reminisced about his time with Abbey, noting her exceptional abilities. “It was like Abbey spoke English,” he said, marveling at her understanding and responsiveness. Smith joked that Abbey could find your cell phone if you asked her to, highlighting her intelligence and training.

Despite his desire to bring Abbey home, Smith explained that she couldn’t leave her family. “She was the breadwinner of her family, and she had to stay,” he told host Sean Evans. Abbey’s role in the film was crucial, and her performance left a lasting impression on Smith.

“I Am Legend,” loosely based on Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel, features Smith as US Army virologist Robert Neville. As the last human survivor in New York City, Neville’s only companion is his dog, Sam. The film’s emotional scenes, including one where Sam becomes infected, showcased Abbey’s remarkable acting skills.

Smith recounted a particularly heartbreaking scene where Neville has to euthanize Sam. “Abbey’s doing that,” he said, referring to the dog’s ability to go limp on command. “How do you train a dog to go limp?” Smith marveled at the level of training Abbey received, likening her to a skilled actress.

In April, Smith paid tribute to Abbey on National Pet Day with a heartfelt video montage set to an emotional song. “The goodness girl,” he captioned the post, expressing his affection for his canine co-star.

The bond between Smith and Abbey was evident, and their on-screen chemistry contributed to the film’s success. “I Am Legend” grossed over $585 million worldwide, and its impact continues to resonate with audiences.

In 2022, it was announced that Smith and Michael B. Jordan would co-produce and co-star in a sequel to “I Am Legend.” Jordan recently provided an update on the project, stating that the team is still working on the script. “We’re still working on the script and getting that up to par,” he told People. “It doesn’t have a release date or anything like that.”

Jordan expressed his excitement about working with Smith, someone he has admired for a long time. “I’m really excited to get in front of the camera with him,” he said. The collaboration between the two actors has generated significant anticipation for the sequel.

Smith also shared his enthusiasm for the project, telling Entertainment Tonight that they have some “really solid ideas.” He praised Jordan, calling him “the truth” and expressing his eagerness to work together.

The legacy of “I Am Legend” and the bond between Smith and Abbey continue to captivate fans. Smith’s admiration for his canine co-star highlights the unique connection that can develop between actors and their animal counterparts. Abbey’s performance in the film remains a testament to her talent and the special place she holds in Smith’s heart.

As the sequel to “I Am Legend” progresses, fans eagerly await the return of Smith and the continuation of the story. The film’s success and the memorable performances of its cast, including Abbey, have left an indelible mark on audiences worldwide.

Will Smith’s reflections on his time with Abbey serve as a reminder of the extraordinary bond that can form between humans and animals. Abbey’s role in “I Am Legend” showcased her exceptional abilities and left a lasting impression on Smith and viewers alike. The upcoming sequel promises to build on the legacy of the original film, with Smith and Jordan bringing their talents to the screen once again.

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