Yung Bleu Accuses Boosie Badazz of Obsession

Yung Bleu Accuses Boosie Badazz of Obsession

Boosie Badazz and Yung Bleu’s ongoing feud has taken another dramatic turn, with Yung Bleu accusing Boosie of being obsessed with him. The tension between the two artists has been simmering for months, primarily due to a contract dispute that Boosie claims cost him millions. Boosie alleges that Yung Bleu forged his signature on a contract, leading to a series of heated exchanges on social media and through diss tracks.

Recently, Yung Bleu released a diss track titled “Reading The Room,” targeting both Boosie and DJ Vlad. The track, which features high-profile artists like John Legend and Lil Wayne, was filmed in Dubai and included luxury cars. Despite the high production value, the video did not perform well commercially, garnering only 136,000 views in five days. DJ Vlad and Boosie speculated that the video earned around $500 in YouTube revenue, a figure that Boosie found laughable.

Boosie couldn’t resist mocking Yung Bleu for the video’s poor performance. He pointed out that the $500 would have to be split among Yung Bleu’s crew, reducing the amount even further. Boosie also questioned why the project didn’t perform better, given its high-profile features. “That’s John Legend, bro. That’s Lil Wayne! You’ve done something wrong, and it’s not the music,” Boosie emphasized.

Yung Bleu, however, is not backing down. He took to social media to address Boosie directly, accusing him of being obsessed. “Boosie got my n-ts in his mouth every interview that n-gga obsessed,” he wrote. Yung Bleu also claimed that he released a rap album with minimal promotion just to get out of his deal and still managed to outperform Boosie.

Boosie, on the other hand, has expressed a desire to settle their issues like “real ones” and move away from social media beef. He believes that the record labels are the only ones profiting from their feud. Despite this, Boosie continues to take jabs at Yung Bleu, questioning his commercial success and mocking his living situation.

In a recent interview with VladTV, Boosie discussed Yung Bleu’s new album “Jeremy,” which was released in April. Despite featuring artists like Lil Wayne and John Legend, the album did not perform as well as expected. DJ Vlad noted that only one track from the album earned more than a million streams on Spotify. Boosie attributed this to their ongoing legal battle, suggesting that the public is aware of the “facts” and is judging Yung Bleu accordingly.

Boosie also expressed confusion over Yung Bleu’s decision to diss DJ Vlad, who had given him one of his first major platform opportunities. Boosie believes that Yung Bleu’s actions are a desperate attempt to maintain relevance. “I feel like he’s flopping because the world knows I’m a real person,” Boosie said. “The world knows that one thing Boosie [is] going to do is keep it real.”

The feud took another turn when Yung Bleu insulted Boosie on Instagram, claiming that Boosie was washed up and only played local shows. Boosie quickly fired back, mocking Yung Bleu for canceling his tour due to poor ticket sales. Boosie also took a dig at Yung Bleu’s living situation, claiming that he lived in “motel 6” quarters until he could afford his own place.

Boosie didn’t stop there. He involved Yung Bleu’s family in his tirade, offering to have his kids help Yung Bleu’s son learn to count. “Maybe my kids can come over n help yo r**arded a*s son count to five,” Boosie brutally asserted. “Go wipe all that damn slob up off your floor before y’all fall down n hurt yourself.”

Yung Bleu’s initial blow-up stemmed from his desire to separate himself from Boosie’s label. He accused Boosie of talking about him in interviews and claimed that Boosie was “obsessed” with him. Boosie, however, believes that Yung Bleu has maintained relevance by constantly bringing his name up.

As the feud continues to escalate, it’s clear that neither artist is willing to back down. Boosie remains adamant that Yung Bleu owes him money and has tarnished his reputation, while Yung Bleu insists that Boosie is obsessed with him. The public can only watch as these two artists continue to trade barbs, both online and through their music.

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