50 Cent Admits He Went to Diddy Roast Hoping to See Bad Boy Mogul

50 Cent Admits He Went to Diddy Roast Hoping to See Bad Boy Mogul

50 Cent recently revealed that he attended a roast event in Miami with the hope of encountering Diddy, the embattled Bad Boy mogul. The event took place at the Dead Flamingo Pop Up in Little Havana, formerly known as Casa Tiki. The Miami Herald first reported 50 Cent’s appearance, and the rapper later confirmed it on Instagram, humorously mentioning that he brought his “shooters” with him, clarifying that he meant videographers. “Yes, I was in attendance. I thought Puffy might show up because I saw Tom Brady at his,” he wrote. “He didn’t come. I had the shooters—get your mind out of the gutter—videographers, what!”

Fans quickly filled the comments section with jokes. One user referenced 50 Cent’s past claim that Diddy once invited him to go shopping, quipping, “Never offer to take a man shopping. These are the end results.” Another joked, “Fif be everywhere these days. Don’t be surprised to see him disguised in a mustache below an afro cut at the event, dropping outta an Impala.”

This isn’t the first time 50 Cent has trolled Diddy. Amid the numerous allegations Diddy is facing, 50 Cent previously announced he is working on a documentary titled “Diddy Do It?” He also criticized Diddy for his apology video after CNN published footage of him assaulting Cassie in 2016. “This is not going to work. Who is advising him right now? SMH bad move,” 50 Cent wrote in response.

In another instance, 50 Cent took to Instagram to troll Christian “King” Combs, Diddy’s son, who released a diss track titled “Pick a Side.” The track appears to defend his father and targets critics who “talk down the family name.” King also addresses the sex-trafficking allegations surrounding his family and the raids on Diddy’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami. “Police raid the crib like they think we selling crack but we out here selling tracks / Multimillion-dollar plaques / Rather put this s— on wax / All that gossip s— is whack when all they had was 50 Cent / Who put this city on the map? / Stop lying,” King raps.

50 Cent responded with a series of Instagram posts, highlighting an explicit lyric from “Pick a Side” that has gone viral. “I feel so threatened by the things Christian is saying on his record. I’m afraid for my life, please don’t hurt me guys. I never mentioned or posted anything about Puffy’s kids 😳because KEEFE D said he killed 2Pac 🤷🏽‍♂️ LOL,” he wrote, sharing a photo of the Combses performing together. He also referenced a sexual assault allegation made against King from a lawsuit brought by a former superyacht steward.

Continuing his roast, 50 Cent posted the audio clip from the song alluding to the raids. “Now why would you say some s— like this 🤦when you know the FEDS are investigating. IS YOU STUPID OR IS YOU DUMB? LOL,” he wrote. Despite precedents of potentially incriminating song lyrics being protected as free speech and artistic expression under the 1st Amendment, lyrics can be submitted into evidence during a criminal trial, posing a potential issue for the Combs family if what King raps about the raids is true.

50 Cent’s trolling didn’t stop there. He continued on Monday with a fifth Instagram post that included several images of news stories about the diss track, making more salacious allegations about the family. A representative for 50 Cent did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The discord between the rappers comes just days after Diddy’s legal team filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit against him, former Bad Boy executive Harve Pierre, and a third unidentified person. The lawsuit alleges that the men raped a 17-year-old girl in a New York music studio in 2003. Diddy’s lawyer, Jonathan Davis, called the suit a “stunt” intended to showcase a baseless and time-barred claim. He noted that the plaintiff, identified only as Jane Doe, “cannot allege what day or time of year the alleged incident occurred, yet purports to miraculously recall the most prurient details with specificity.”

The woman’s lawsuit was initially filed in December 2023 and amended in March. Diddy and his companies “categorically deny” the allegations and claim they have already caused incalculable damage to his reputation and business standing.

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