Amy Robach and TJ Holmes Ghosted by ABC Colleagues After Affair

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes Ghosted by ABC Colleagues After Affair

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have found themselves in a whirlwind of controversy and isolation following the revelation of their affair. The former ABC News anchors, who were once prominent figures on “GMA3,” have faced significant backlash from their colleagues and the public. Their secret relationship, which came to light in November 2022, has led to a dramatic shift in their professional and personal lives.

On a recent episode of their iHeartRadio podcast, Robach and Holmes opened up about the fallout from their affair. They revealed that nearly all of their former colleagues at ABC have cut ties with them since the scandal broke. Robach, 51, recounted how they returned to work for just two days after the tabloid photos surfaced, showing them in a private relationship. Despite the initial show of support from their colleagues, it quickly became apparent that it was superficial.

Holmes, 46, chimed in, describing the support as “fake” and acknowledging that their colleagues were likely trying to protect their own jobs. The couple understood the precarious position their colleagues were in, not wanting to be associated with the scandal. This led Robach and Holmes to distance themselves from their former coworkers to avoid causing them any trouble.

The scandal erupted when photos of Robach and Holmes holding hands and canoodling in a bar during a vacation in upstate New York were published. The public was shocked, as both were believed to be married to their respective partners, Marilee Fiebig and Andrew Shue. However, both Robach and Holmes have denied any infidelity, stating that their relationships with their spouses had already ended.

The fallout was swift. ABC suspended the duo from their anchor roles on “GMA3,” and by January 2023, they were fired following an internal investigation. The network did not disclose the findings, but the scandal had already taken a toll on their careers. Attempts to pitch new shows to other networks were unsuccessful, with CBS and CNN reportedly turning them down.

Despite the professional setbacks, Robach and Holmes have remained inseparable. They have since launched a podcast, “Amy & T.J.,” where they discuss their relationship and other topics. The podcast, which debuted in December 2023, marks their first public comments since the scandal.

Holmes shared that they recently had lunch with “GMA” anchor Michael Strahan, who reassured them that they didn’t need to feel guilty about their relationship. This support from Strahan was a rare bright spot in an otherwise challenging period. Robach expressed how the negative comments and headlines made her feel like a criminal, despite not having committed any crime.

The couple’s relationship has continued to evolve, with both finalizing their divorces in 2023. Robach and Shue ended their marriage in March, while Holmes and Fiebig’s divorce was finalized in October. Both ex-couples had been married since 2010.

Robach and Holmes have kept a low profile since their dismissal from ABC, but they have been seen together in public, enjoying vacations and walks in New York City. They have also refrained from commenting on their exes’ new relationships, choosing instead to focus on their own lives.

Their podcast has provided a platform for them to share their side of the story and connect with their audience. A press release from iHeartMedia described them as a formidable broadcasting team with decades of experience. The podcast promises to explore meaningful conversations about current events, pop culture, and more, with nothing off-limits.

As they navigate this new chapter, Robach and Holmes are determined to move forward. They have faced significant challenges, but their bond remains strong. The couple’s journey from scandal to podcast hosts is a testament to their resilience and commitment to each other.

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