Who is Laila Abdallah Joe Jonas Sparks Rumors with Actor

Who is Laila Abdallah Joe Jonas Sparks Rumors with Actor

Joe Jonas has been making waves in Europe, enjoying his time as a single man. The singer, known for his role in the Jonas Brothers, was recently in France for the Cannes Film Festival. He made a surprise appearance with his band, DNCE, at the amFAR Gala. But the excitement didn’t stop there. Joe then traveled to Greece, where he has been seen sparking romantic rumors with Lebanese actress Laila Abdallah.

Photos of Joe and Laila surfaced on the internet, showing the two enjoying a beach day in Athens. The 34-year-old singer and the 28-year-old actress looked very happy in each other’s company. They were seen hugging, touching flirtatiously, and smiling broadly. Initially, Laila’s identity was a mystery, but it didn’t take long for the internet to identify her.

Laila Abdallah is a well-known actress with a significant following on social media. Born in Kuwait to Lebanese parents who are deaf and mute, Laila is fluent in sign language. She often writes her Instagram captions in Arabic or English. As the oldest of four siblings, she has taken on a lot of responsibility. In a podcast interview, she revealed that she feels she has to be strong and can’t let anyone see her cry. “Because I’m the oldest among my siblings, and always I’m the one who does everything… I mean, I call myself the man of the house, the father, the big sister, I’m everything, so it’s impossible for anyone to see me cry, impossible,” she said.

Laila began her acting career at the age of 14. She explained that her family was struggling financially when she was growing up. At just seven years old, she started imagining the life she has now. “So at 7 years old, I imagined this life now. I thought I’d become famous and walk the red carpet, support my family, and we’d have a house and then a villa, and I’d be responsible, and have employees to whom I’d say whatever, and give this one a salary and that one a salary, and I imagined all of this. In my mind, I would organize it every night. I wasn’t aware of what I was doing in my mind, but what I knew… when I grew up, was that I don’t like the victim role. Being victims doesn’t suit me. So I wanted to change, to improve the situation, to… anything, even if it means being an actress or a presenter, but I knew there was a talent,” she said.

Laila’s acting career took off with roles in music videos, including one by Saudi singer Abdul Majeed Abdullah. Her first significant role was in the television show Saher Al-lail in 2010. She continued to work with the director Muhammad Dahham Al-Shammari in subsequent television series. Her latest role was in the TV series London Class in 2023, where she starred in 27 episodes.

With over 5 million followers on Instagram, Laila shares moments from her travels and work-related accomplishments. She is also a vocal activist for Palestine. In the podcast, she expressed her desire to share her story to inspire women who have faced similar childhood traumas and mental health struggles.

Like Joe, Laila has also been married before. In December 2017, she married Iranian actor Abdallah Abass, but they divorced a few months later in 2018. Reflecting on her marriage, she said, “First, marriage happens also because of social pressures. Independent girls get pressured, ‘It is better for you to be married so you can act freely, and you do the things you wish to do,’” she said. “Do not listen or be dragged by these words. This type of terminology makes you want to get married without thinking about things like ‘am I ready today to be a good wife to my husband and children? Do I have the time to be a mother? Do I have the time to start a family that will benefit society for the rest of my life?”

Joe Jonas’s recent beach outing with Laila comes shortly after his split from Stormi Bree. The two were first linked in January 2024 and made their relationship official with a kiss in March while in Australia. However, their romance was short-lived, and they parted ways in early June.

Joe was previously married to “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner, with whom he shares two daughters. His recent interactions with Laila have sparked curiosity and excitement among fans.

While it is unclear how Joe and Laila met, both attended the 2024 Cannes Film Festival in May. Laila posted pictures from the event, and Joe made headlines for his flirty friendship with Demi Moore at the time.

Their beach day in Greece has certainly caught the attention of fans and media alike, making Laila Abdallah a name to watch in the coming months.

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