Ariana Grande Reunites Brandy And Monica Recruits Penn Badgley For The Boy Is Mine Music Video

Ariana Grande Reunites Brandy And Monica Recruits Penn Badgley For The Boy Is Mine Music Video

Ariana Grande has once again captured the spotlight with her latest music video for “The Boy Is Mine,” a single from her new album “Eternal Sunshine.” The 30-year-old pop sensation has not only brought back the iconic 90s vibe but also reunited Brandy and Monica, the original artists behind the 1998 hit of the same name. Adding to the excitement, Grande has cast “Gossip Girl” alum Penn Badgley as the love interest in the video.

Directed by Christian Breslauer, the video opens with Grande concocting a love potion in her home. The scene quickly shifts to a news broadcast featuring Brandy and Monica as anchors, announcing a press conference by Mayor Max Starling, played by Badgley. The storyline cleverly intertwines with the original “The Boy Is Mine” track, which Grande has always admired. In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, she expressed her long-standing desire to reimagine the song.

Mayor Starling’s unique solution to the city’s rat problem involves releasing stray cats, an idea that Grande’s character finds “brilliant.” This leads her to transform into her own version of Catwoman. She then sneaks into Starling’s house, where she attempts to use the love potion on him. However, before he can drink it, Starling removes her mask and discards the potion, indicating he doesn’t need it to fall for her. The video concludes with the couple enjoying their time together, surrounded by cats.

Halle Berry, who famously portrayed Catwoman in the 2004 film, showed her support by sharing a clip of the video on social media, captioning it, “Get it, Ari! Living.”

The video release follows Grande’s appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” where she announced Badgley’s involvement. She expressed her excitement, saying she had been a fan of his for her entire life and felt honored to work with him.

“Eternal Sunshine,” Grande’s latest album, has been making waves since its release. The album delves into her personal life, including her divorce from Dalton Gomez and her new relationship with “Wicked” co-star Ethan Slater. The first part of the “Wicked” movie musical, in which Grande plays Glinda the Good Witch, is set to premiere on November 27, with the sequel following on November 26, 2025.

The reunion of Brandy and Monica in the music video is a nostalgic nod to their original collaboration, which won them a Grammy for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group in 1999. Their cameo as news anchors adds a layer of authenticity and homage to the original track.

Grande’s decision to cast Penn Badgley as the love interest adds a modern twist to the video. Known for his roles in “Gossip Girl” and “You,” Badgley brings a unique charm to the character of Mayor Max Starling. His portrayal of a mayor trying to solve a city’s rat problem with stray cats is both quirky and endearing.

The video also features Grande in a Catwoman-inspired outfit, a nod to Halle Berry’s iconic role. Berry’s endorsement of the video adds an extra layer of validation and excitement for fans.

Grande’s ability to blend nostalgia with modern elements is evident in this music video. By reuniting Brandy and Monica and casting Penn Badgley, she has created a piece that resonates with both old and new fans. The storyline, combined with the Catwoman theme, makes for an engaging and memorable video.

As Grande continues to promote “Eternal Sunshine” and prepare for her role in “Wicked,” her fans eagerly await what she will do next. The music video for “The Boy Is Mine” is a testament to her creativity and ability to bring together different elements to create something truly special.

In a world where music videos often follow predictable patterns, Grande’s latest offering stands out for its originality and homage to the past. By reimagining a beloved 90s hit and adding her own unique twist, she has once again proven why she is one of the most influential artists of her generation.

The release of “The Boy Is Mine” music video is not just a celebration of Grande’s new album but also a tribute to the timeless appeal of Brandy and Monica’s original track. With the added star power of Penn Badgley and the endorsement of Halle Berry, the video is set to become a fan favorite and a significant moment in Grande’s career.

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