Samahara Lobatón’s Statement on Bryan Torres’ Interviews: “He Must Clarify His FALSE Statements”

Breaking her silence, Samahara Lobatón took to social media to address the ongoing interviews being conducted by Bryan Torres, the father of her future child, on various television shows. In a statement shared on her Instagram stories, she refuted claims that she would not speak to the press regarding her health status, which, according to her former partner, indicates she is four months pregnant.

In her communication, she expressed gratitude for the invitations from various television shows to discuss her health situation and the statements made by Bryan Torres about her. She emphasized, “First and foremost, I want to thank the television programs that have offered me the opportunity to appear on their shows to discuss my health and clarify the statements made by Mr. Bryan Torres. Regarding my health, I must specify that I will NOT PROVIDE ANY INTERVIEWS, keeping it private within my family sphere,” stated Melissa Klug’s daughter.

Furthermore, Samahara Lobatón debunked her ex’s claims and requested that he refrain from mentioning her in his media appearances. “Regarding Mr. Bryan Torres’s statements, it will be he who, in due time, must clarify the FALSE statements he has been making on various television programs. I am asking Mr. Bryan Torres not to mention me again in any of his statements or interviews he provides to the media,” concluded Abel Lobatón’s daughter.

In related news, Melissa Klug and Jefferson Farfán celebrated the birthday of their second child, while Paolo Guerrero reportedly moved to a mansion valued at over a million dollars. Additionally, Ale Baigorria’s mother, Veronica Alcala, made headlines after getting overly enthusiastic with a stripper at Lucía de la Cruz’s party, an event covered by Magaly TV.

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