BTS Jin writes to fans after military discharge with new photos

BTS Jin writes to fans after military discharge with new photos

BTS’s Jin, also known as Kim Seok-jin, has officially completed his mandatory military service in South Korea. The news has been eagerly awaited by fans worldwide, and Jin did not disappoint as he took to Weverse to share his experiences and reconnect with his supporters.

Jin, who served as an instructor at the 5th Infantry Division recruit training center in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province, appeared in his military uniform adorned with ‘Instructor’ and ‘Special Warrior’ badges. He shared his emotional journey, admitting, “I cried twice and my eyes are quite swollen. Many of my fellow soldiers were in tears, which made me cry even more.”

During his service, Jin received numerous awards, including the Army Warrior Award, division-level awards, and unit commander awards, totaling seven to eight honors. He also read out touching messages from his comrades. One message read, “Sergeant Kim, the light and salt of the 11th Company. Thanks for everything.” Another long-time companion wrote, “Sergeant Kim Seok-jin, you treated us so well that I’ve lost count of how many times. I’ll never forget it. Please send my regards to your favorite girl group,” which made Jin laugh heartily.

The most emotional message came from a junior soldier who said, “Thanks to Seokjin hyung, I have many great memories. Living with a global star I’ve admired since middle school has been amazing. Thank you so much.”

Jin also addressed the BTS Festa controversy, saying, “I came up with a good idea but received a lot of criticism for it.” He clarified, “Since I have to handle this year’s Festa alone, I decided to do a free hug event.” Although the company initially opposed it due to safety concerns, Jin persuaded them over several months, ultimately agreeing to proceed under strict safety conditions. The company initially suggested limiting the event to 50 people, but Jin wanted to include as many fans as possible, proposing 3,000. They eventually settled on 1,000.

Addressing the controversy over the selection process, which required fans to purchase BTS albums to enter, Jin apologized, “I wasn’t aware of the details. I’m sorry I couldn’t pay more attention.” He added, “I insisted on doing this event, so please don’t hold it against the other members if they choose not to participate.”

Jin continued, “I haven’t prepared much since I just got discharged today. It’s been almost a year and a half since I last sang, so I’ve forgotten how to do it, but I’ll do my best. Please understand if the event isn’t perfect.”

He concluded the live stream by saying, “I started this live because I wanted to see you and greet you personally. Now that I’m free, I’ll visit often. Thank you so much for waiting, ARMY. I’ve asked the company to allow as many people as possible to film freely.”

Fans were delighted to see Jin live after a long time and eagerly anticipate his future activities.

BigHit Music, the agency representing BTS, had earlier shared a statement about Jin’s discharge, urging fans to refrain from visiting the site to prevent overcrowding. “Please note that the discharge day is reserved for military personnel only. No special events are planned on the day of Jin’s discharge,” the statement read. “To prevent any issues arising from overcrowding, fans are strongly advised to refrain from visiting the site. Please convey your warm regards and encouragement in your hearts.”

In January, one year into his service, Jin began teasing plans for his return. Celebrating the New Year, he shared a pre-recorded video with fans, saying: “I’m leaving this video so you can watch my pretty, handsome face and spend January and February warmly. I miss you all. I miss you a lot,” he added. “Wait just a bit more and you’ll be able to see me with short hair. I’ll grow my hair quickly this year and I’ll be able to start working hard soon.”

With Jin returning, BTS ARMY are counting down the days until the remaining members complete their service duties. J-Hope enlisted on April 18, 2023; Suga enlisted on Sept. 22, 2023; V and RM enlisted on Dec. 11, 2023; and Jungkook and Jimin both enlisted on Dec. 12, 2023.

Jin’s return marks a significant moment for BTS and their fans, as they eagerly await the full reunion of the group. The members have all renewed their contracts with BigHit Music, and the company has expressed hope for a full group promotional period in 2025.

As Jin settles back into civilian life, fans are excited to see what the future holds for him and the rest of BTS. The anticipation for new music and performances is palpable, and the ARMY is ready to support their beloved idols every step of the way.

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