BTS Jungkook tops iTunes charts in 96 countries with Never Let Go

BTS Jungkook tops iTunes charts in 96 countries with Never Let Go

Jungkook of BTS has once again demonstrated his global influence by topping iTunes charts in 96 countries with his latest single, “Never Let Go.” Released on June 7, the song quickly climbed to the number one spot on iTunes Top Songs charts in the United States, Italy, and 94 other countries by the morning of June 8, according to BigHit Music.

“Never Let Go” is a heartfelt tribute to ARMY, the dedicated fanbase of BTS. The song, which features minimal yet captivating synth sounds and refreshing instruments, carries a message of gratitude and unity. Jungkook played a significant role in the creation of the track, contributing to both its writing and composition. The lyrics urge fans to “never let go of each other’s hands,” encapsulating the deep bond between the artist and his supporters.

The release of “Never Let Go” is part of the 2024 FESTA, an annual festival celebrating BTS’s debut anniversary. This year’s FESTA began on June 4 and will run through June 13, offering a variety of online and offline events for fans. One of the highlights is “Bang Bang Con,” a free online event featuring some of BTS’s iconic concerts, scheduled for June 10. Additionally, an offline event will be held at the Seoul Sports Complex, the main venue for the festival.

The FESTA is a highly anticipated event each year, providing fans with unique and engaging experiences to celebrate BTS’s journey and achievements. This year’s celebration is particularly special as it coincides with the return of some band members currently serving in the military. The grand finale of the 2024 FESTA will take place on June 13 in Songpa District, Seoul, with a fan event attended by Jin, adding to the festive spirit.

Jungkook’s success with “Never Let Go” is a testament to his immense popularity and the unwavering support of ARMY. The song’s rapid ascent to the top of the charts in 96 countries underscores the global reach of BTS and their ability to connect with fans across different cultures and languages.

The 2024 FESTA promises to be a memorable celebration for BTS and their fans, with Jungkook’s new release serving as a highlight of the festivities. As the festival continues, fans can look forward to more exciting events and content that showcase the group’s incredible journey and achievements.

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