Byun Woo Seok discusses romance in new role and his ideal type

Byun Woo Seok discusses romance in new role and his ideal type

Byun Woo Seok, the charismatic star of the hit drama “Lovely Runner,” recently shared insights about his new role and his views on romance during an interview at a cozy cafe in Gangnam, Seoul. Despite being on his third consecutive day of media engagements, Byun maintained his signature bright smile and genuine demeanor, captivating everyone present.

“Lovely Runner,” adapted from a popular web novel, revolves around the character Lim Sol, played by Kim Hye Yoon, who endeavors to save the renowned artist Ryu Seon Jae, portrayed by Byun Woo Seok. Byun’s portrayal of Ryu Seon Jae, the lead vocalist of the top band Eclipse, has sparked a wave of admiration among viewers, reminiscent of a high school first love.

Byun expressed his fondness for romantic comedies, stating, “I’ve always enjoyed the romantic comedy genre. This project particularly resonated with me because it depicts love as a selfless act. My character is somewhat like Noah from ‘The Notebook’.” He had previously drawn parallels to Noah during an interview for the 2022 Netflix film “20th Century Girl.”

When probed about his real-life dating style, Byun revealed, “I tend to get deeply emotionally involved with the other person,” highlighting a similarity with his character, Ryu Seon Jae.

Reflecting on his ideal type, Byun mentioned, “External appearances change over time. What truly matters is having compatible personalities. Good conversation is essential.” When teased for his seemingly conventional response, he laughed and reiterated, “But it’s true. Communication is crucial.”

Pressed to share another aspect of his ideal type, Byun hesitated briefly before admitting, “I prefer someone who doesn’t swear. It might sound a bit silly, but I appreciate people who speak nicely.”

The success of “Lovely Runner” has significantly boosted Byun Woo Seok’s popularity. The drama, which premiered on April 8, 2024, follows the story of fangirl Im Sol, who travels back in time to save her idol, Ryu Seon Jae. The time-travel romance has captivated audiences, earning both the show and its lead actors a substantial fan base.

Byun’s performance as Ryu Seon Jae has been particularly praised for his singing skills, chemistry with co-star Kim Hye Yoon, and the depth of his character. In an interview with Star News, Byun discussed his character’s relationship with Im Sol and his personal views on love. He confessed, “I like someone who is wise.”

Byun’s portrayal of a top star finding love drew inspiration from his character. He remarked, “If you love someone, it’s worth doing anything for them. As a fan, it might seem wrong, but since Ryu Seon Jae found someone he loved deeply, it’s understandable.”

When asked about his ideal type, Byun candidly shared, “I’m not good at many things except work. I’m a bit foolish, so I like someone who is wise.”

By the end of the interview, Byun expressed gratitude to his fans, saying, “As much as you love Sun Jae, I will strive to do my best in my future projects, improving my shortcomings. I want to show you good acting.”

Fans can continue to enjoy Byun Woo Seok’s performance in “Lovely Runner,” available for streaming on Viki.

On June 3rd, Byun Woo Seok, who has become a sensation with “Lovely Runner,” engaged in an interview at a cafe in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Despite the fatigue from three days of interviews, he maintained a bright smile while answering questions.

“Lovely Runner” tells the story of Im Sol, played by Kim Hye Yoon, who struggles to save her favorite idol, Ryu Seon Jae, portrayed by Byun Woo Seok. Byun’s role as the visual center and lead vocalist of the top boy band Eclipse has created a significant buzz.

In the interview, Byun reiterated his love for romantic comedies, saying, “I really like the romantic comedy genre, and this drama is special because it portrays a love where one is willing to do anything for the other person. Isn’t he like Noah in ‘The Notebook’?” He had previously mentioned Noah in an interview for Netflix’s “20th Century Girl” in 2022.

When asked about his dating style, Byun shared, “I get deeply involved emotionally with the other person,” drawing a parallel to his character, Ryu Seon Jae.

Regarding his ideal type, Byun said, “The appearance of my ideal type keeps changing. It’s more important that our personalities match. We should communicate well.” He added, “I have a silly aspect, so I like wise women.”

When the reporter laughed, Byun responded, “Was my answer too formal?” He emphasized, “But that really is my ideal type. Communication is very important.” When asked to describe his ideal type in more detail, Byun hesitated for about 10 seconds and said, “I like women who don’t swear. This may sound a little funny, but I like people who speak nicely.”