Geezer Butler Says Final Black Sabbath Reunion With Ozzy and Bill Ward Is Not Going To Happen

Geezer Butler Says Final Black Sabbath Reunion With Ozzy and Bill Ward Is Not Going To Happen

Geezer Butler Says Final Black Sabbath Reunion With Ozzy and Bill Ward Is Not Going To Happen

In a recent interview with BraveWords, Black Sabbath’s iconic bassist Geezer Butler discussed the paperback release of his autobiography, “Into The Void: From Birth To Black Sabbath-And Beyond.” During the conversation, Butler addressed the lingering question on many fans’ minds: Will there ever be one final reunion show featuring all the original members of Black Sabbath?

Butler’s response was clear and definitive. Despite Ozzy Osbourne’s persistent texts about a final show with Bill Ward, Butler stated that such a reunion is simply not going to happen. He expressed a sense of resignation, noting that while he would love for it to occur, the health and logistical challenges make it highly unlikely.

To understand the context, it’s important to remember that Bill Ward was not part of Black Sabbath’s final tour. He was replaced by Tommy Clufetos, a decision that left many fans disappointed. Butler himself remains puzzled about the circumstances surrounding Ward’s departure during the recording sessions for their album “13” with producer Rick Rubin.

Butler reminisced about his early days with Ward, highlighting the drummer’s significant influence on his bass playing. Ward, a jazz drummer inspired by legends like Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa, brought a unique swing to rock drumming that complemented Butler’s style. This synergy was a cornerstone of Black Sabbath’s distinctive sound.

When asked about the rumors regarding Ward’s health and declining abilities, Butler was candid. He recalled returning from a holiday to find out that Ward had been fired, a decision that still baffles him. Despite the rumors, Butler praised Ward’s contributions to the “13” album, likening his drumming to the band’s early work.

Butler revealed that the band had offered Ward the opportunity to join the tour for a few songs, but Ward declined, insisting on an all-or-nothing approach. The band couldn’t risk potential cancellations due to health issues, so they opted for a more reliable drummer. Butler emphasized that while he wasn’t suggesting Ward would have had health problems, the uncertainty was too great a risk.

Despite the challenges, Butler expressed a wistful desire for one final performance with the original lineup, even if it were just a single song. However, he acknowledged the improbability of such an event, given the various factors at play.

Reflecting on the band’s legacy, Butler noted that Black Sabbath’s impact on heavy metal is undeniable. Founded in 1969, the band revolutionized the genre with their heavy riffs, down-tuned guitars, and apocalyptic lyrics. Their influence continues to resonate, with over 70 million records sold worldwide.

In his autobiography, Butler delves into his life story, from his childhood in Birmingham, England, to the rise of Black Sabbath. He shares insights into the band’s formation, their creative process, and their struggles. The book offers a behind-the-scenes look at the band’s journey, including notable collaborations and the stories behind their biggest hits.

Butler’s memoir also sheds light on his personal experiences, including his disillusionment with organized religion and class systems, which influenced his lyrical themes. The book features 30 photos from Butler’s personal collection, providing an intimate glimpse into the life of one of rock’s most influential musicians.

As for the possibility of a final Black Sabbath reunion with Ozzy and Bill Ward, Butler’s words leave little room for hope. While fans may continue to dream of one last performance, the reality is that the original lineup is unlikely to take the stage together again. For now, the legacy of Black Sabbath remains in their groundbreaking music and the memories of their legendary performances.

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